Monday, December 22, 2008


Quick post....things are busy here at work today. (Bad economy tends to equal higher number of people going back to school, hence more applications and that means more work for me. A good problem to have, right?)

Anyway, Jay and I had a very nice birthday evening at Charleston! I had "the season" menu for the night that included the most amazing 5 courses including: soup, salad, rockfish, and OSTRICH! Yep, you read that right, I ate a small ostrich fillet. It tasted a lot like beef and the entire meal was impeccable. Not cheap, but well worth it.

Then yesterday, we went to my mom's for my "birthday celebration" as Caroline called it. My sweet parents got me a Coach purse! I was sooo excited! I have never ever had a nice purse - let alone a REALLY nice purse. It's a beautiful soft brown leather bag that's not too big - just my style. I love it! I have a hard enough time spending money on myself for clothes so things like purses NEVER get purchased so I can't tell you how much I love it. It smells soooo good too! They also got me a jacket I wanted from Lands End - too bad it's TOO frickin' cold to wear it.

Then we went home and the kids gave us the worst night we've ever had with 3 kids. Between the 3 of them, they were up a combined total of 14 times. That is NOT an exaggeration. In fact, it might have even been one or two times more than that. Piper was up 3 times and she was the best off. Caroline, who rarely ever gets up in the night was up 4-5 times. I think the strong winds kept rousing her along with nagging leg pain that I think is a result of her and Bryce doing some crazy jumping on Saturday. Needless to say, Jason and I were zombies this morning. And as frustrated and tired as I was, when Bryce stumbled into my bathroom this morning as I was getting ready, I couldn't help but scoop him up and cover him in kisses - even with as frustrated as we get with him in the middle of the night, he is just such a lovable kid. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for Caroline this morning as she once again dragged her feet and would not get ready for school. I was about to follow through on my threat of taking her to school in her PJs when she got dressed. But I think our struggle last Monday where she was saying she wanted to stay home won out since she knew there was NOTHING she could do that would let her stay home.

So Jay and I are hoping for a much improved night tonight. Hopefully the winds will die down and the kids will need to make a big deposit in their deprived sleep banks and let us have a long winter's nap we need so much. Jason's vacation starts at the end of the day but the kids are going to school/daycare tomorrow because he is going to use his day off to paint. I told him he was supposed to use tomorrow to do whatever he wanted and whatever would make him feel happy at the end of the day and he chose the task of partially painting the living room and part of the foyer. We bought the paint before Piper was born, so it's been nagging at him. Only my sweet husband would choose to do something like that on his day off. But honestly, I used my day off on Friday to do laundry, clean bathrooms, and bake, so it seems we're pretty evenly matched.


toddler said...

Happy happy birthday!!! :)

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(that was me, sorry!)