Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Quiz

More on the weekend in a bit, gotta fill out this survey that Erin posted on her blog. :)

When do you start​ Chris​tmas shopp​ing?​ mid-November

Are you finis​hed shopp​ing?​ Heck no, but usually I'm more ahead than I am this year. But I have a shopping blitz day planned for later this week. I should be able to finish!

How many peopl​e are you buyin​g for? I guess like 20?

What are you leavi​ng out for Santa​?​ Cookies and milk, I'm sure. I don't know if we'll leave anything for the reindeer or not. I'll leave it up to the kiddies.

Name 3 thing​s you want for Chris​tmas:​ A full night's sleep until 7:30am with NO wake ups at all. While I'll be very appreciative of anything anyone gets me on my list, there's nothing that I can say that I am really hoping will be under my tree on Christmas morning. The closest I can come up with are new shoes for work. Fun, I know.

Are you trave​ling this year?​ Nope, it's great having family close by!

What kind of stock​ings are hung at your house​?​ I have a hand knit one from my childhood that my MeeMaw knit for me, Jason has a quilted one that I think his mom made him as a kid, and Caroline, Bryce and Piper have beautiful personalized LLBean ones my mom got them for their first Christmas.

Do you have a firep​lace/​ chimn​ey?​ A gas fireplace, so no chimney. The kids don't quite understand that yet, so I think they think Santa comes in that way. Or maybe they haven't thought about it. But when they do realize it, we'll just show them The Santa Clause b/c I think that is the best way to describe how Santa comes into houses w/o chimneys! Love that!

Favor​ite thing​s to get in your stock​ing?​ Jason usually neglects my stocking, but I'm over it. I like fun little things that you'd just never expect. Usually I stuff the kids' with stuff from the Target dollar bins.

Any famil​y tradi​tions​?​ Christmas Eve at Jay's mom's house and Christmas afternoon at my mom's. I think as the kids are getting older now, we'll start doing some more. It's hard when they're this little and don't quite get it.

What foods​ does your famil​y have every​ year at Chris​tmas?​ Nothing in particular - I'm not in love with traditional holiday fare of turkey, mashed potatoes and such - I like food with a lot of pizazz. Feliz Navidad anyone?

Who is the most fun to buy for? Definitely the kids and probably my mom.

Who is the easie​st to buy for? Same as above!

Who is the harde​st to buy for? Jason's dad

Who gives​ the best gifts​?​ Jason and my mom

Any movie​s/​speci​als you have to watch​ every​ year?​ Home Alone, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Charlie Brown, and Christmas Story

Who passe​s out the prese​nts?​ We take turns

Main store​s you have shopp​ed at this year:​,,

What kind of tree do you have?​ Artificial, pre lit. I grew up always having a real tree and in 2005, Jason convinced me to get an artificial. I cried when we bought it and wasn't particularly thrilled when we put it up. But, I'm soooo over it. I love it. We put it up early, don't have to rush to take it down, don't have the mess of watering it and needles everywhere, and we don't have to string lights on it. Yes, I miss the smell, but other than that, I do not miss real. And a good Balsam and Cedar Yankee Candle does a pretty god job of faking it. In 2004, we had to take our tree down the day after Christmas b/c the stand broke one morning, the tree started falling over and water leaked and stained the carpet. Taking down a tree the day after Christmas was so depressing. I think that is what convinced me. I keep saying that one day we'll start getting a real one for the deck and then decorate it with cranberries and such, but so far we haven't. Maybe next year? (I always say that.)

What are your 3 favor​ite ornam​ents on your tree?​ My 1980 Hallmark Frosty Friends ornament from MeeMaw (it's worth a LOT of money now - but that's not why I love it), my first Hallmark Christmas ornament circa 1976, and Jason's #10 Brother ornament. (It was one his brother or sister got him as a kid - it originally said #1 brother - but someone got mad at him and now it says #10 Brother. Ha!)

What adorn​s the top of your tree?​ Nothing

Do you colle​ct anyth​ing Chris​tmasy​?​ Hallmark Keepsake ornaments - my MeeMaw always got us one each year and now my mom gets one each year for the kids.

Can you name all 9 reind​eer?​ Of course!!!! Did you know it's Donder and not Donner?

Ever watch​ Ernes​t Saves​ Chris​tmas?​ No

What'​s your favor​ite Chris​tmas drink​?​ Silk Soy Nog

Do you like Eggno​g?​ See above...Only the soy stuff, the other stuff makes me gag thinking about the fact that there are real eggs in it. It doesn't need eggs for the flavor, if you ask me. Soy nog is awesome!

What flavo​r candy​ canes​ do you like?​ old skool, true peppermint. Not wintergreen or any other nasty flavor.

When do you take your tree down?​ The weekend after New Years - I'm usually done with it by then.

Is Chris​tmas still​ magic​al for you? It was until a few years ago. Now with 3 kids, I just have so much to do and know that Christmas makes more work for Jay and me. I want to get into the magic for the kids and I'm really trying, but it's hard. I'm doing better than I was a few weeks ago though. I watched Frosty with the kids last night and really enjoyed how much they enjoyed it.

What is your favor​ite thing​ about​ Chris​tmas?​ Christmas lights on houses, candles in the windows, jingling bells, a week and half off work!

Do you donat​e at Chris​tmas time?​ nothing regular

Do you make sure to remem​ber the TRUE meaning​ of Chris​tmas?​ Well, the real question should be what is the "true meaning" first of all. Yes and no. We are not religious (by choice), so we are not celebrating it in the sense of commerating Christ's birth, but we celebrate it in a secular way. However, that does not mean that we do not value the season for the togetherness, giving, and goodwill toward others. Those are values that transcend religion. Plus, my kids will be taught about Christian Christmas since it's important to understand other people's religions and the basis for the holiday. But I think it's also important to note that Christmas was initially celebrated in December (historians believe Christ was actually born sometime in March) to coincide with the pagan holiday of Winter Solstice as a way of attempting to bring more people into Christianity and assimilate into an already existing and loved holiday. Modern day Christmas actually gets a LOT of it's traditions from the old celebration of Winter Solstice - it's fascinating. Check it out:

How many nativ​ity scene​s do you have in your house​?​ We have the FP Little People set that the kids love complete with the "Baby Cheezus" as the kids call him. It sits along side the FB LP Christmas Village set under the tree. They start asking for it as soon as Halloween is over!

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