Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Birthday Weekend

On Saturday, Caroline and Bryce joined my parents, Kevin and Kelly, downtown for the annual Tuba Christmas fun. Usually, I'm all for it, but this year I decided to opt out with Piper and because I had a bunch of things to do. It turned out to be a good choice since it was VERY cold and snowy. So when my parents came and picked up the big kids, Jason and I got busy cleaning the house and picking up.

At 5pm, we all met up at Ledo's Pizza in White Marsh for Caroline's birthday dinner with my IL's, Kelly/Jesse, Jeremy, and the Tuba Christmas crew. When I asked Caroline where she watned to eat for her birthday, "LEDO'S!" was her reply. Now, I think the reason she loves the place so much is because last time we were there, she fell in love with a tweenaged busboy. The night before she said to me, "Mommy, ask me if the busboy is the reason I want to go to Ledo's."

So I did and she says, "No, I'm interested in him, but that's not why I want to go." (Um, is she 14???)

Apparently, as soon as Tuba Christmas was over, Caroline got super excited and started yelling about how Ledo's has square pizza. I guess she really was excited! And when she ran into the restaurant, I could see it on her face - she was just over the moon to see all her favorite people there, and of course, to be FIVE!

We all chowed on some highly delicious pizza and then departed back to our house for cake, ice cream and gifts. Caroline had asked me for a chocolate cake with purple icing and red writing that said "Caroline loves the Jonas Brothers." So, I obliged and managed to write Caroline hearts the JoBros and then I went online and found a picture of them and stuck it on the cake. She was THRILLED! We sang happy birthday to her and then had to blow the candles out 3 times. Once the kids did together, then Caroline got mad because Bryce helped and wanted to do it alone, and then once more for Bryce who was having some birthday jealousy and really wanted to blow out the candles.

Caroline ate her cake SUPER fast and then was ready for gifts. She was flitting around and as we all went in to watch her she declared that she didn't want to do any posing with gifts, she just wanted to open them. (Way to preempt the photo requests!) She opened all her gifts with gusto and thanked everyone with hugs, mostly without being told. She was just so excited by everything and it was so cute to hear her reactions to everything.

When everyone was leaving, she was not thrilled to be going to bed, but she was clearly on cloud 9 having all the people she loves the most there and opening all her fun prezzies.

Then on Sunday it was time to PLAY PLAY PLAY with all her new goodies. Over the course of the day we did part of a puzzle, made bead necklaces, did Shrinky Dinks (and made the little tree for them to hang on - what a cool gift!), did some activities from her Hannah Montana workbook, read some Fancy Nancy books, and painted her plaster magnets. Whew! And she still wanted to MORE! I was wiped out! I figured that giving her so much attention and time would yield a more compliant kid, but that didn't work out. She was still sassy and talking back to us (a lovely 5 year old trait!). But, at least I knew it wasn't because she hadn't gotten enough attention. Turkey!


Lisa :-) said...

It sounds like she had a wonderful day and you were worried about a big party! Glad everything worked out. I am with Caroline...I love Ledo's too! Although, my family would disagree!

Mama said...

Oh man, she already has a crush on a busboy...oh Erika...you are in big trouble!