Friday, December 19, 2008

Baby It's GROSS Outside

Yuck! I am off work today with a bazillion things to do (errands, clean, bake, wrap, etc) so the big kids are at school and Piper is with me. Dropped C & B off at school around 9am and P & I were off! But oh man! It's 38 degrees and RAINING. Blech. There's nothing like running in and out of stores with a baby bucket in the rain. Target wasn't terrible b/c the parking lot wasn't horrendous, but Sam's was awful! Ew. I ran with Piper and she stayed dry, but I can't say the same. It is just so wet and chilly. Thankfully, I'm back home for the day until I go to pick the kids up later this afternoon.

I would have loved to have spent the entire day at home with all 3 kids, but there is NO way I'd have accomplished anything with the big 2 home. They were already bickering about everything this morning. Piper is just a little doll and lets me do whatever I need to. Another thing about babyhood I'm just LOVING.

At least my Christmas shopping is done done done and I don't have to do ANY shopping this weekend. Whew! Off to make dinner in the crock and start cleaning.


Mama said...

Rain? You're lucky, we've got a blizzard here! They are calling for 10 inches. Ugh. Shoveling. Bleh!

Lisa :-) said...

Hope you had a successful day regardless of the weather.