Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Baby Experiment

I just cannot trust Caroline to be alone with Piper. I'm not talking about leaving her alone with her for any length of time, just to leave Piper in her bouncy chair in the family room while we are in the kitchen. Two times now, the girls have been in the family room - Caroline is singing and dancing around for Piper who is usually squealing away at her and then all of a sudden Piper sounds kind of muffled and Jason or I go to investigate expecting that Piper pulled something over her face or Caroline has put something on her. Instead, we are surprised to find Piper rolling around on the floor. When we ask Caroline what happened, she says that Piper got out of the seat by herself and rolled out. Of course, we know what happened, Caroline unbuckled her and then watched (or helped) Piper kind of slide out. Caroline denies unbuckling, so we asked her if that is true, it came unbuckled by itself, why didn't she tell us Piper was falling out of her seat. She has no answer for that.

We do know that sometimes one of the buckles will come undone, but rarely both, so we KNOW Caroline is lying. And both times, Caroline has had a time out as a result. Plus, now we never leave her alone with Piper because it seems Caroline is very intersted in seeing what will happen when she does a certain thing to Piper - whether that be picking her up, rolling her around, covering her up with something, etc. I don't think she's doing it maliciously because she thinks it's very intersting - I think she's just curious to see what's going to happen. She showers Piper with love and kisses ALL.THE.TIME. and I think she thinks she's playing with Piper. Of course, luckily, Piper has never sustained any sister injuries and seems to think Caroline is hilarious as witnessed by all the squealing and shreiking she does at her big sister. I think those two are going to get into some real pickles as they get bigger. For a while, Piper will probably do anything Caroline says because Caroline will know how to convince her to do something.

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Katie said...

Sounds about right. I remember getting Eileen to do stuff just because she would. (I am 4 years older than Eileen.)

I was smiling as I was reading this post b/c clearly Caroline is a doting big sister and doesn't mean any harm but seems to be pushing the boundaries. I love that she said that Piper got out by herself. How do you not laugh? I guess it's not funny when it not the truth, but still. A lie that obvious must make you chuckle in private.