Thursday, December 11, 2008

American Idol Needs to be Cancelled!

When Caroline was a wee babe, Jason and I read an article in the newspaper about how people waited in lines for DAYS for a chance to audition for American Idol. Jason remarked what a joke it was and I told him to watch what he says because Caroline might beg us to do that for her when she's bigger.

Well, turns out, we really might be in for an overnight on the pavement outside of some civic center if American Idol doesn't get cancelled in the next 10 years. Caroline LOVES.TO.SING. She loves to perform. She walks around singing almost constantly. She's either singing a Hannah Montana or Jonas Brothers song these days, or she's singing one of her own pieces. Sure, sometimes they get repetitive and she incorporates things she sees laying around her room or she'll throw in a radio's call letters "101.9, Lite FM!" - but boy does she sing.

I'm not one of those parents that thinks her child is a future star - sure, maybe she has the potential, but you just never know. I'm not exactly cut out to be some kind of stage parent. But according to Caroline, when she gets to be a teenager, she's going to be a rock star. And some days she'll even include Bryce and Piper and say they are going to be a rock band together. (Bryce already has a real interest in playing guitar.)

Honestly though, her endlessly droning songs will get on your nerves after a while, but sometimes just sitting and watching her perform is a hoot. She knows how to use a handheld microphone a little too well and she holds it and walks around like she was born to be on stage. So let's hope Simon Cowell and friends give it up in a few years so we don't have to suffer through auditions, but I know if she really had her heart set on it, I'd probably do that with her.

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Mama said...

A singing child is a very happy, content & self-confident child. Yay! I hope she holds onto those traits forever!