Friday, December 19, 2008

5 Months

Well, Miss Piper is 5 months (and counting) already! Looking back at pictures of the big kids, it's apparent that 5 months is when they're still laying around and not yet sitting so I wonder what Piper will be doing at 6 months. I was able to dig out the sleeper that Caroline was wearing at 5 months but it's a little big so I'll just keep it aside for a bit. She's still fine in her 3-6 month clothes. She such a fuzzy little joy these days. She generally only wakes up once a night to nurse and hardly ever cries. She's such a happy little girl and smiles and screams with delight all the time. She's really into using her hands all of a sudden and really likes to examine them and grab things. When she's in the exersaucer now, she really likes to handle objects and manipulate them - she can entertain herself for a little longer too. She still rolls from back to front with ease, but only occasionally can get herself back to her back. But she can get up on those arms really high now and will lay on her belly in an upward dog sort of pose and interact with you. Makes me nervous to realize how truly close we are to having a mobile baby. (PICK UP THE SMALL TOYS, KIDS!) I'm still swaddling her at night with my trademark double swaddle and it's helping to put her right out, so we'll continue that until it stops working so well. I think I stopped swaddling the other kids when I could no longer contain them, but then, I hadn't figured out the double swaddle yet. I also think the other two might have mastered the back/front and front/back roll sooner so they weren't stuck if they rolled to their front and wanted to go back like Piper is sometimes. Although my memory (and blogging) is fuzzy about that.

So here is Miss P in her 5 month glory:

I think this one shows her mischevious personality that is developing:

And for kicks, here's a comparison with Caroline @ 5 months:

Bryce @ 5 months: (I never realized how much he looks like my brother in this shot!)

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