Monday, December 01, 2008

The 2nd Half of Thanksgiving Weekend

Well, let's see where we left off....

Bryce did end up putting pants on and taking a nap on Friday, but after the diaper/pants went back on, he reverted to his old ways. I really do think that he could be "pee potty trainied" if we could get him to put on underpants. Problem is, I think he'd either hold in #2 or have HUGE accidents if we tried that. He's just not there yet. And I'm not surprised. I've always said that Bryce was about 6 months behind where Caroline was at any point in terms of these types of milestones. So that would put him at about 3 1/2. I think we're going to give it another good try when we have a few days at home at Christmas. He's very smart and a bit stubborn so I know it's just a matter of time.

We also never got around to watching Home Alone either. Jason was watching the men's basketball game and it was just getting too late. I figured we could watch it on Saturday, but then I recorded Camp Rock for her off the Disney Channel and then all bets were off. (It's an original Disney Channel movie featuring none other than the beloved Jonas Brothers.)

I managed to get all the interior decorations up on Friday and then Jason tackled the outdoor lights on Saturday while the kids and I went to the Kennedy Krieger Festival of Trees with my parents. Holy cow, it was crowded! We got there right at 10am and there was a loooooong line just to get in (not even to buy tickets!). But my mom found a way for us to get in quickly and we wandered around for a bit and the kids got in the moon bounce and rode the train once. Then all of a sudden they decided they didn't want to ride the merry-go-round and were done with the moonbounce. Great way to waste Pop Pop's money from the wrist bands, kids! Anyway, my mom painted a little ceramic item with each kid and then Bryce wrote a letter to Santa asking for a guitar. Then both big kids were hungry and so we departed for Baja Fresh! (mmm!) Piper was a little angel the entire time and we went back to my mom's for a few hours.

While the kids watched The Fox and the Hound, I went and sorted through all the boxes that had arrived from Toys R Us from my online order. Somehow, idiot me, ordered 2 of several items. At least I can return them - you'd think I'd never ordered anything online before. But I will say, in my defense, the new TRU website is a bit slow at times and acts funny, so it was probably harder to catch the mistake. But all the gear for Christmas and Caroline' birthday was there, so I was thrilled to see it all.

At home, Jason finished up the outdoor lights (and cursing a certain strand that won't light) and we had a quick dinner before getting the kids off to an early bedtime. Jason indulged in an evening of college football (gag!) and I sat for 3 hours working on a photo project for my grandmother's 80th birthday party. (But this was between running up and down the steps keeping kids in bed....)

Then on Sunday, a rainy Sunday, Jason and I compiled the grocery list and I took Bryce for a haircut and then to the store. He looked so handsome sitting in the chair getting trimmed up and I was so proud of his good behavior, especially when another kid his age screamed his head off the entire time he was getting his haircut. Bryce looked like the perfect child next to him! Then after running in and out of the rain, we managed to make it out of the overun grocery store and home by 1pm. By the time I'd gotten home, Jason was done the vacuuming and almost done ALL the laundry (woohoo!). So we decided to have my parents over for an inpromptu dinner and MD basketball game viewing (Terps aren't looking so good...).

Hard to believe the lovely weekend is already over and the real countdown to Christmas has begun. I keep hearing people talking about the CyberMonday deals, but honestly, I don't even know what to buy. I haven't made a very good list this year and we're cutting back anyway, so it's not like I know what to buy. This holiday is already sneaking up on me...

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