Monday, November 24, 2008

What's Up with Miss Piper

I've really been lax lately about updating about what's going on with the kids other than being sick and not sleeping great, especially Piper. Boy oh boy, or maybe girl oh girl, that little girl is just too much.

First of all, she is definitely coming into her own. She continues to shriek at her big siblings, especially Caroline when they talk to her and dance around. She now has an infectious little giggle that really is just about the cutest thing you'll ever hear when you get her in the right mood. That's not to say she's not happy most of the time, because she is. On Wednesday last week, my mom took Piper on her first trip up to my great-grandmas about 90 minutes away. She slept the whole way up, smiled at everyone the entire day, took little cat naps between visits and a lunch out, and then slept the entire way back home. And then when she got home she was all smiles again. Then on Saturday, I took her on my mom's day out and she couldn't have been a more pleasant baby. She just sat in the stroller and cooed and "talked" to Katie and Binnie. A few times we picked her up out of her stroller so she could look around. Well, each time we did that, people kept stopping to smile at her and say what a cute baby she was. (Of course, I agree.) She was just completely content to look around, suck/chew on her hands, and be adored. I suspect, as my mom said, that she likes being out and about.

Now, that's not to say that she's not a little peticular. She can roll over to her belly in a second and it disrupted her sleeping greatly until I figured out the art of the double swaddle. (I saw a video showing how the Miracle Blanket works and realized I could replicate it with 2 thin blankets rather than shelling out $30 for one!) But now that we're double swaddling, she's generally only waking up once during the night for some grub and then it's quickly back to sleep.

Her other little quirk is that Miss Piper only wants one person at bedtime NO.MATTER.WHAT. She wants mommy! Even if I've just fed her and swaddled her, if Jason tries to put her to bed, it's a scream fest. On Saturday night, my mom tried the same thing and she screamed for 45 minutes. At first, I think, Jason was starting to think it was him, but after her performance this weekend we know it's that she only wants me at that time. She really does like my mom as evidenced by all the smiles she gives her during the day, but that's not enough at bedtime, I guess. And if she's in the middle of a bedtime screamfest with Jason, I walk into the room, take her into my arms, and it's like auto shut-off and she passes out. Amazing. I guess she likes me.

As for Piper's physical traits, she still has darker hair, but it's a little lighter. But the best thing about it is that it sticks up! It's not very long but it's usually straight up and I just love love love it. So fuzzy! And her eyes? Well, the verdict is still out on those. Somedays they look blue while others, they could still go brown. Maybe they'll be hazel or green. Oh and I forgot to add that Piper was the same weight at 4 months as Caroline was - 13lbs, but Caroline was over an inch longer. We shall see how she measures up in the months to come.

So now I need to get a video of her giggle and post a new photo or two. Although the past week I've barely picked up the camera due to the plague so I need to get back in the swing again.

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Katie said...

She is so sweet! She was so engaging at the mall! I love her fuzzy wuzzy hair too and her eyes are a totally mystery! How exciting!!!