Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

We spent Thanksgiving 08 at my parents' house since we alternate each year with our parents. Not that we don't miss the other side of the family, but only having to go one place on Turkey Day greatly improves the quality of our holiday. And this year at my parents aside from the usual crowd of my siblings and grandmother/aunt/uncle, we also had the pleasure of my cousin, Adriane and her husband, Drew visiting us from Ohio. They also had their friends with their 1 year old daughter with them. They had driven in the night before and spent the earlier part of the day in DC exploring the monuments and some museums. We forget growing up in Baltimore and going to DC a lot that a majority of Americans haven't been, so they had a perfect day to check it out. While we waited, the kids played, I attempted a Christmas card photo of all 3 kids together and failed. Although I still think it's cute, I just am less than thrilled about the look on at least one kid's face in each of the photos. (There were many!)

Dinner was a little later than usual since we were waiting for the DC group to arrive, but that was fine with me since I like having a later meal. We didn't eat until nearing 6pm and it was wonderful! My sister provided a delicious organic 25lb turkey and she and my mom made all the wonderful fixings to go along - some traditional and some not as traditional. And while there wasn't a pumpkin pie, Chrissa made some amazing pumpkin souffles that we all enjoyed!

We left around 8pm and the kids were done. Piper was falling asleep, Caroline was a little grumpy and Bryce was a LOT grumpy. No naps and early wakeups equal a tough bedtime. Caroline and Piper were okay but Bryce threw quite the fit. Finally, he passed out and we had some peace. Jason passed out on the couch feeling a bit exhausted from some holiday beers and too much Thanksgiving fare.

And that was our Thanksgiving - very busy but much enjoyed!

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