Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Should Have Stayed Home

I really should have just stayed home this morning. I already had planned to leave by 1pm because Bryce and Piper have an allergist appointment this afternoon. (Bryce for his peanut/walnut food challenge and Piper for her initial food skin test.) I made the appointment in mid-afternoon so that we wouldn't end up being there late into the afternoon/early evening - but because daycare naptime is 1-3pm (and with snack until 3:30pm) that meant it would be easier if the kids either didn't go to school today or had a half day. My mom was already going to have Piper today so I asked her if she wanted to have all 3 of them and she was more than happy to oblige. But the way I felt this morning when I woke up was less than great.

Not only am I feeling like total crap thanks to this cough and congestion, I'm exhausted. Went to bed a little bit later since I love watching statistical analysis and all those cool touch screen graphics but was rudely awakened before midnight by a yelling Bryce. Jason went in and did whatever it was he asked but as soon as Jason got back in bed, Bryce started again. I'd had it. I am tired of this. So, I went in, put him back in bed and the screaming started. We went through this on Thursday night at bedtime so I was prepared and I think going through that recently made this a little bit easier. He didn't get out of bed as often but he screamed and yelled for things until about 12:30am - I stayed in the hallway (where he couldn't see me) and put him back in bed or made him lay back down every so often. Finally, around then, his screams changed to yells/loud talking and finally around 12:40am, he covered himself up and went to sleep. Through the entire ordeal, I didn't utter a single word. I'm getting pretty good at this. (Jason got up a few times to help but b/c Bryce started yelling for him, he was afraid that by going in and doing what I was doing, it would be appeasing him.) So happy that Bryce was quiet again, I got back in bed only to hear Piper stirring about 5 minutes later. So I dragged myself into her room, sat down and nursed her for about 15 minutes and then got her back to bed. So 5:45 came VERY early this morning.

And then I get to work and find out that our data system has been down since 4pm yesterday. (I left at 2:30pm to vote.) Sweet. Why did I bother?

Here's hoping that this continued vigilance at bedtime with Bryce will pay off. I will NOT have a child that thinks we're at his beck and call - especially when it come to disturbing other family members' sleep.


Erin said...

LOL! We'll be there, but we'll probably miss you. :( (because we got the darn late afternoon into early evening appointments... sigh... we'll be there FOREVER...)

Dawn said...

Ugh...I'm sorry! :-( How did the appointments go?