Tuesday, November 04, 2008

School Photos

Well, they're in! The proofs for Caroline and Bryce's first school photos. I'd mentioned before that we didn't even realize that their little school/daycare did photos, so we were very excited to get the notice. We just had Bryce's 3 year portraits taken in September so we'll probably only buy a few of these, but for Caroline, these will be her 5 year (almost!) portraits. I've always said I would be happy to quit Picture People once the kids started having photos taken at school. Not like I don't take a lot of photos at home to balance out only having professional ones done once a year.

So on w/ the photo dump...

First the kids together (awww!) The first one makes me laugh b/c it looks like Bryce is a deer caught in headlights.

The 1st one of Bryce is probably the best - but the 2nd one makes me laugh too because it looks like he's talking to the photographer and saying he doesn't want his photo taken. He told me that the photog told him to say "ice cream."

My vote is for the 2nd one of these of Caroline - a much more natural smile.

ETA: These are scans of the proofs, so not the best quality/color representation. (I'll be buying the real things so I don't feel bad scanning them.)


BJ said...

They look great Erika! Isn't it so fun to get those first school pictures?! I was so excited to get Sydney's.

Viv said...

Too cute but I gotta say I'm not a fan of the background. But I guess it's better than the Haley's Comet background we had, right!

Erika said...

Yeah, wouldn't be my first choice if I had a choice, but given that it's such a small daycare center, I'm just thrilled to have "school photos" to begin with - and they're not that expensive. Plus, I am so DONE with the PP at White Marsh. And being the mom, I just focus on the kids more too. :)