Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Saga Continues

Bryce came into our room just a little before 1am last night asking to be covered back up again. Oh man.....I was soooooo tired from the night before and still being sick and running around like crazy yesterday. So Jason got up with him and so it began...again. The first night we did the "put him back in bed" thing and let him cry it out, it took about an hour. On Tuesday night, it lasted about 45 minutes. So I'm happy to report that last night's ordeal only lasted about 20 minutes and he seemed a little less intense. I hope the end is in sight.

So while Jason stood down the hall and put him back in bed and waited until he was done screaming to come back to bed, I laid in bed listening to him scream. And of course, Piper woke up around 2am to eat. So 5:45am came very early again this morning. And you'd think that Bryce would have slept in later, but he didn't. He came busting in just before 6am like nothing had been wrong the night before.

At the end of it all last night, he managed to cover himself up again and was proud of that again this morning. It's interesting to hear the things he thinks of to yell about in these highly intense tantrums and something funny I noticed last night was that it seemed he thought of all new things to yell about. I wanted to joke with Jason that Bryce had all new material last night, but never managed to get that out in my sleepy stupor this morning. The night before he had been yelling about his foot hurting, wanting to be covered up, needing a drink, not wanting his wa-wa, wanting his door closed, his leg hurting, wanting medicine, and being scared. Last night, he found a whole bunch of other things to complain about and, now, for the life of me, I cannot remember them. He's certainly trying every trick he knows in the book to try which tells me a lot of this is about his need for attention. But what's funny is that Bryce probably has always gotten more attention than Caroline. Not because we favor one over the other, but because Bryce is a fiend for attention and asks for it while Caroline is much more relaxed and non-chalant about it. Bryce greets you when you come in and wants to be sitting by you/on you all the time where as you have to seek Caroline out for attention. Bryce is the one giving out extra hugs and kisses while Caroline usually just waits for them. They are just such different kids in that respect. And somehow, Caroline managed to sleep through his fit last night. How, I don't know since their doors face each other and her door stayed open the entire time. I think maybe she has a subconscious filter that filters crying siblings out because Piper has never woken either of them up before. Strange how keen the mind works, even in sleep.

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BJ said...

I need to learn your will power with the whole bed thing because Sydney has to learn too!