Sunday, November 23, 2008


The back and forth about whether or not to take Bryce to the doctor's finally became clear early this afternoon when Jason noticed Bryce felt warm. Yep, 100 degrees and I noticed shortly after giving him the Tylenol that he seemed to get warmer, so I think it was on the way up. I figured I'd just take him to Minute Clinic when he got up from his nap, but he wouldn't nap, so I just took him.

Well, we're back with an Rx for antibiotics thanks to a double ear infection which is so interesting considering he really hasn't complained about his ears that much. But it does explain is bad bedtime last night. So I think he's going to stay home with my MIL tomorrow and give the antibiotics another day to kick in. I went ahead and filled Caroline's Rx that I've had for a few weeks now too. This whole ordeal started the week before Halloween and she's still snotty and unhealthy too. I'm not a person who gives out antibiotics liberally, so this is a big deal. I need my kids to be well!

Piper is faring well with her touch of the bug. She's a little congested and has a tiny bit of a snotty nose, but seems okay. She literally just got sick within the past few days, so she's been the healthiest of all 5 of us. Here's to breastfeeding, huh?

I have to give my hats off once again to Minute Clinic. I visited it in February with Caroline and was impressed and today was the same. A very nice nurse practitioner assessed Bryce and got us on our way - very nice considering I know I wouldn't be able to get him into see our family doc until late tomorrow afternoon and one of us would have to take off work early and drive out of our way, so I'd say the extra $10 is totally worth it. The nurse was also impressed that this was only Bryce's 2nd ear infection at the age of 3 and I lauded the amazing ability of breastfeeding once again. (Caroline has yet to have one!) Gosh, some days I really hate pumping and having a baby need me so intensely, but it's realizing what a helpful thing it is that makes it all worth it. Whew!


Viv said...

Here's to breastfeeding! Makenzie has yet to get an ear infection and and she's only 1 month younger than Bryce and she never got a fever until she was teething and that was when she was 9 months and didn't get a cold until after Victoria was born! I chalk it all up to BF! WOO HOO!

Mama said...

Go boobies! Go boobies! Go boobies!