Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Peanut Butter Party

You're invited to Bryce's peanut butter party! That's right folks, Bryce passed his peanut food challenge at the allergist's today! (And his walnut challenge too, but who cares? Walnuts are GROSS even though they are in a lot of wacky stuff.) Over the course of an hour, he ate increasingly bigger blobs of peanut butter (and then crushed walnuts on vanilla icing) and he had no reaction! He loved the peanut butter and kept asking me to smell his peanut butter breath. I was so excited (and still a little nervous) to pack him his first peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch tomorrow. No more of that nasty soy butter!

And for Piper? Well, she had the food panel skin test and is showing NO sensitivities to the common food allergens. So, I'm to continue not eating peanuts until I'm done nursing (likely next summer) and not introduce any peanuts/eggs until she's 2 and had another round of allergy testing. But the doc said the chances that she'll develop a food allergy now are very low. How did we dodge the food allergy bullet again?

The other treat for the day was that at the allergist's office we got to meet Erin and her family in the waiting room. It's weird meeting someone for the first time in person after you've been reading their blog for the past 2 years. You've seen their photos, know their stories, and their family members. She introduced me to her husband and I felt like I already had met him. And her boys were even cuter in person - and kind of cool to see them in action too! Bryce and Ben seemed to hit it off in true small waiting room style.

So now I'm finally done for the day. I'm worn out after a busy day, still not feeling great, and not getting much good sleep last night. At least the day turned out really well in so many respects. And many thanks to my mom who watched all 3 kids today and made us dinner. Plus another thanks to my MIL who was having her own allergy testing done today and helped to entertain Bryce during the long wait!


Anonymous said...

Yay! That is awesome!

Viv said...

You need to make PB cookies for the holidays this year! He's gonna LOVE them!

And I don't know what I'd do without PB&J as a lunch got to when I'm in a jam (ha ha get it...jelly, jam - stupid I know!)

Congrats to Bryce!

Erin said...

Congrats to "Rice"! (as Ben continues to call him)
It was so cool to meet you guys too! :) I was saying to my husband after you left how weird it is meeting someone you actually already "know"... it's more like continuing a conversation. LOL!

My kids left with a bagful of samples, as usual... Simon has a new asthma "regimen" and Ben got a rubber ball that he hasn't put down since we left. ;)