Saturday, November 15, 2008

Like Father, Like Son

Bryce is more like Jason than we'd like to believe. Bryce seems to have inherited a bunch of Jason's traits either genetically or via our nurturing. While I don't know if Jason was an early riser as a little kid, he's been an early riser since we've had a relationship. I never understood someone getting up at 5am in high school to do their homework. And I still can't fathom getting up at 4am when you don't have to leave until 6am. But that's me. Well, Bryce also is an early bird by nature. This morning at 6am he was in our room telling us to get up. He told Jason to get up, turn on the light, and go out and get the paper. I guess he knows the routine. (And of course, when Bryce is up, we're ALL up because he doesn't exactly go about anything quietly.)

He also never.stops.talking. And while Jason isn't exactly the most talkative person now, he apparently was as a young child. So much so that my MIL still talks about how she was just want him to be quiet. I always thought Caroline talked alot until Bryce started really talking. Man, wait until Piper starts adding to the conversations.

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