Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Humdinger of a Cold

Man, Caroline brought this cold home from school over 3 weeks ago and we're still all afflicted (well, Piper isn't so far). I'd be concerned if it was the same symptoms for 3 weeks, but it seems to be an evolving virus. Started out in the kids like a regular cold and Piper seemed to have a bit of one too, but then it moved down into their chests and that's when I got worried and took Caroline to the doctor. Bryce is congested and has a cough but it's never been as bad for him as it was for Caroline. She still has the cough/congestion but it's way better although yesterday she told me her left ear was clogged. Keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't turn into an ear infection. She hasn't had an ear infection yet (and Bryce has only had 1) but I did get a "just in case" Rx for an antibiotic in case this thing does go down the infection route. (And FTR, I know when NOT to give an antibiotic - I'm all about letting things run their course.)

But poor Jason. Poor poor Jason. The man has had a cough for a week - he started last Tuesday with congestion in his throat and barely had a voice. But that quickly turned into a bad cough. He slept on the couch to save me some sleep on Thursday-Saturday nights (but b/c he slept downstairs I was left to my own devices with waking children, so I really was still disturbed frequently). He returned to our room on Sunday night and was back again last night, but he's still coughing a lot. His cough is TERRIBLE in the evenings and that's after cough medicine and cough drops. He said his head just aches from coughing and last night his back hurt too. I feel so bad for him!

As for me, I don't feel 100% but I don't feel horrible. Congested in my throat and a semi-productive cough - hoping I don't acquire the cough affliction Jason has - but I haven't had it as bad as him yet. Apparently this virus is running through C & B's school too which is par for the course in going to school with more kids. Hopefully they'll build up some immunity now before "real" school starts so they don't have to miss as many days.


Anonymous said...

Mucinex really helped me when I had a humdinger last year. It really losened things up.

Poor Jay.


Erika said...

Oh yeah, he's tried Mucinex. The problem really isn't the congestion, it's the cough. It's horrible. He coughs so hard it almost shakes the house - I can't imagine how his head feels.