Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day! a special night......Jimmy Walker, used to say DYN-O-MITE! That's right!

Gotta love that song.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Our day began before 6am with Bryce wandering into our room for an expected early awakening. So now we're waiting for the parade to start and I'm going to make some pumpkin pancakes. We'll be going over to my mom's around lunchtime but won't have din-din until about 4pm or so. Caroline is JAZZED to watch the Jonas Brothers on the Dallas Cowboys football game halftime show. I think she's more excited for that than anything else.

Last night was our traditional "pizza night" the night before T-day. I would prefer to go out, but it's just so hard with 3 little kids when one is a semi-grumpy 4 month old at dinner. She's really not difficult, but at dinner she needs a little extra attention and going out when we don't have to (and she has a yucky cold) isn't really fun. So we ordered in. We'll have years in the future where we'll get more adventurous.

So let's see, what am I thankful for this year? Well, most of all my family - Jason and my 3 beautiful children. Having our 3rd child this year has made it especially sweet and I am thankful for their health and well being. I'm thankful for my supportive and loving extended family - especially our parents and siblings. I am thankful for my friends who have been a great support this year either in person or virtually (my wonderful online friends!). I am thankful for the health of my family and friends and hope that it continues! And lastly, I am thankful for Jason and me having steady jobs/income this year especially given the state of the economy.

Here begins our holiday weekend, the kids can't wait for the Christmas decorations to go up and the music to start playing! Jingle bells anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Adam Sandler always makes me think of Freshman year at college. Happy Thanksgiving!!!