Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Day Off

It's amazing what an afternoon and evening away from being a mom will do for your psyche. Yesterday, my mom picked the big kids up at 7:15 and took them to the Farmer's Market with my sister to pick up Thanksgiving produce. They then spent the rest of the day at her house while Jason and his brother and dad installed a housewide humidifier on our heat pump. So that left Piper and me to go and pay a visit to Katie. I arrived at her house shortly after 10am, said hello to the kiddos and then we headed to the mall where I happily spent my Macy's gift card. Katie was a great shopping pal and entertained Piper while I was in the fitting room. I ended up with 2 sweaters, a shirt for under the one sweater, and a pair of pants for just over $100. Then Binnie called and we met her for lunch. Even though I had Piper with me, I still felt free. Piper was an absolute angel - she just smiled at everyone and kept herself entertained. We had a really nice lunch and then the 3 of us sat in the mall, drank coffee and chatted while Piper snoozed in her stroller. It was so nice to talk and laugh without being interrupted by a 3 or 4 year old! Then we headed home where I got to chill out for a while before the big kids got home. (I literally CHILLED b/c the heat was off while Jason and crew finished the job.) My mom brought the kids home at 5:30 and I made them dinner while I waited for Jason to finish. Then we went out and got a bite to eat and watched part of the MD football game (losers!) and came home by 9:30. Nothing exciting, but really nice to just talk and not feel rushed or bothered.

When we got home, Caroline and Piper were asleep, but not Bryce. He was having some serious separation anxiety and would not stay in bed. In fact, we kept putting him back in bed until 11:30, at which point WE were in bed. He slept through the night, but was up screaming for lipstick (chapstick) at 5:50am. So I played the Supernanny bed game and he settled back down for close to an hour.

So I got up at 8am and have been busy since with kids and household tasks. But I must say, a day without much "momming" was soooooooooo helpful. I feel like I have patience again. I'm definitely not as frustrated today and I feel like I'm able to deal with the usual young child issues much better again. So a HUGE thank you to my mom for handling my kids yesterday. I really really appreciate it. And I want to thank Katie and Binnie for making the day so enjoyable and Jason for being a great dinner companion.


Christine said...

Yay for a day "off"- I'm glad it helped rejuvenate you!!!!

Mama said...

HOORAY! What a wonderful day for you! You deserve it! Here's to having great friends. Hugs.