Monday, November 03, 2008

Blogging To Do

Seems I got a bit behind in my blogging and have a bunch of things I wanted to blog about. I have caught the nagging cough and congestion that the kids still have and Jason has been deeply afflicted by. I don't think I have it as bad as he does (maybe b/c I've been taking Airborne?) but I still don't feel great. My head is starting to hurt from coughing and my chest kind of hurts. Blech. I'm just hoping that Piper doesn't get it. Here are the things I need to blog about:

  • Halloween
  • Piper's thumbsucking and wigglyness
  • Bryce's dream fight with Caroline
  • Caroline being shocked that someone else was Hannah Montana for Halloween

I think that's it. For now. Time to make some tea - my office is cold.

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