Sunday, November 16, 2008

Birthday Party Saturday

Yesterday was a busy day. The kids had a birthday party for a classmate at noon at Chuck E Cheese and then a party for a neighbor friend at 3pm. Under normal circumstances I probably wouldn't have been okay with 2 parties in one day, but given the fact that we had already said we'd come to the later party up the street and then the kids got the invitation to the classmate's party that they sooooooo wanted to go to, I figured it would be okay. And it was. At the end of the day, both kids had a great time but boy, am I tired.

Jason stayed home with Piper for the earlier party and that a good plan. The place was pandemonium. The mom of the birthday girl said that she'd seen the place busy before but NEVER like this. I had nothing to compare it too since I'd only been to Chuck E Cheese once when I was like 8. Each kid got their cup full of tokens and we had 45 minutes to play. Talk about over stimulation. My kids, new to this type of environment, were clearly a bit in awe of the place. The large number of people, the lights, the sounds, the HEAT. Being over 70 degrees outside in November means that indoor places are not ready and this place was not. OMG, it was a sauna in there. Bryce's little cheeks were so flushed in minutes. But, we walked around and spent their tokens and the kids had fun. Caroline really was watching out for Bryce and kept yelling for him to stay with us. And then when he went up in the climbing tubes, she got really worried when he didn't come down right away. And honestly, I got a little nervous too. The tube was all the way up on the ceiling and I had NO idea where in that tube Bryce was. I saw him a few times in the windows and was trying to direct him how to get out, but he couldn't hear me and he looked a little panicked. Seriously, I don't think that thing is a great idea because what if a kid gets hurt or really does panic. I guess an adult could go up there, but not easily. I bet it was super hot in there too. But finally he emerged and we went over for pizza and cake. It was neat to meet some other kids and their parents from the kids' school. Bryce's teacher/the owner was actually there since her grandson was invited to the party too.

Then, we headed home and both kids passed out en route. We made it home with about 40 minutes to spare before the next party. Of course, just as we were walking up the street, the heavens opened up and we got poured on. But, once inside it was nice. The kids went upstairs with the birthday girl and her friends to play and we stayed down in grown up world with the other parents. I could not believe how many kids were there. The birthday girl is an only child but boy, do they have friends! I always feel like having 3 kids that we're the odd ones since most people these days only have 1 or 2 kids, but not at this party. 3 kids seemed to be normal and one family had 3 with a 4th one due in a few months. It was kind of cool to see so many "big" families in one place although it was a bit crazy and loud. Caroline and Bryce had a great time with the pinata, games, and just general playtime with other kids their ages. Piper just hung out with all the other parents and 2008 babies (there were like 5 of them there!). And again, the balmy November weather worked against the hosts since it was muggy inside. Windows were opened but with a packed house, it didn't make much of a difference. The mom of the birthday girl was hoping for cold weather for just that reason.

So when we finally came home around 5:30, we were worn out. Even though my ears are still VERY stuffed up and I can't hear very well, it was nice to be in the quiet again. It was quite a stimulating Saturday, I must say. I was hoping the kids would be exhausted at bedtime, but they weren't. Bryce settled down first by 8:30 and Caroline was up past 9:30. She had been laying in her bed secretly playing a game on her digital camera and was awake when the pesky piece of flashing on the roof came loose again. (It's getting fixed soon but had been wedged back on the roof since the last windstorm.) So Jason was hanging out the window again trying to pull it off or knock it down. Finally after beating it with a broom (and both of us laughing hysterically at how silly he looked), it came loose and Caroline had peace again to sleep. Then each kid was up once in the night and then Bryce and Caroline were up at 5:40am. Sweet. So it's early naps today. Caroline rarely wakes up at night anymore, so I'm thinking yesterday's flurry of activity combined with no naps and late sleep time made her sleep unsettled.

And my cold seems no better which I'm sure is not helped by the lack of sleep and busyness of yesterday. I'm so tired of being stuffed up and congested in my chest. And I'm sleepy too. No rest for the weary.


BJ said...

What a day you had! It sounded wonderful but exhausting. I have to say I was laughing thinking of the picture of Jason hanging out the window with a broom trying to fix the siding.

We have made a decision about Sydney's birthday. We have decided to take her to Disney and just have a family day. Hopefully she will be okay with no party but we just think this will be the best. It should be cool because Disney is all decorated for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Wow you guys are busy! I'm still fighting my cold virus too. Right now I am past the sore throat phase and alternate between coughing and congestion. Too bad the coughing is at night and I can't sleep b/c of it (even after 2 nyquil). We'll beat these cold viruses by Thanksgiving right??? I hope so. Get some rest!


Christine said...

Wow- party day sounds like it was fun! Those tubes always have scared me too! I feel your pain with the cold- we're working on week 2 (almost 3 here) and even Lorelei is getting it- ugh! I hope it passes for all of us soon!