Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why You Can't Rely On a 3 or 4 Year Old for Accurate Information

I mentioned before that Wednesday was school picture day at Caroline and Bryce's daycare/preschool. I was all excited about it remembering school photo day and what a rite of passage it is for them. I was all psyched about how they will look, how their hair will be (messy?), how they will smile, etc. So we picked out their outfits together on Tuesday night and I made sure their faces were extra clean that morning and their hair started out straight.

So when we got home yesterday, Jason and I both asked them about photos.

According to both kids the first time we asked, the only photos taken were of each class. She said the photographer went to each room, sat them all together and then took the picture. We quizzed them if they had a picture taken of just them and they both said no. I wasn't expecting a class photo since the notice that came home just said "student photos" so a class photo in addition to an individual photo wouldn't be such a surprise, but a group photo without an individual seemed kind of odd.

Then, later at dinner, we asked again because I really believed that there were supposed to be individual photos taken too. Caroline stuck to her story of only class photos and Bryce answered "yes" to Jason's question about if he had his photo taken alone. He also told us several times that he'd said the word "ice cream" for the photographer. I guess that is what stuck with him.

So, this morning, I asked Shirley what photos had been taken yesterday and she said, that both class photos and individual photos had been taken and they also took a photo of any siblings together as well. Something NEITHER of my kids told me about! I called Jason when I got to work and had a good laugh about it. Clearly, we're still not at the point where we can rely on what our children tell us about the events of their day. It just makes me giggle thinking about how unaware kids are sometimes.

I can't wait to see these pictures. I guess they didn't give out those disposable little black plastic combs like they did when we were kids.

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