Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Well Rested Family

Oh wow. Today was a red letter day after a red letter night! Jason and I both woke up on our own this morning (at 7am). Not only had both big kids completley slept through the night after a pleasant bedtime, but Piper slept from 8:30pm until 7:20am!!!! Caroline sleeping through night is standard and Bryce used to all the time but lately he's started getting up a bunch of times for no apparent reason. (Thankfully not every night....) We chase him back to bed and he goes right back to sleep. So no real drama, just an annoyance.

And Piper? Wow! What a treat! Thank you baby! She's usually only up once a night but the fact that she went down at 8:30 with hardly any rocking and didn't stir until Caroline went in and turned on the light at 7:20am (nice, I know), is a big deal too. The longest she's slept before this was about 9 hours and that was a few weeks ago.

And to top that, BOTH kids are upstairs napping right now as I type. I feel so lucky to have an almost 5 year old that still naps. I really believe that their now consistent schedule at daycare/preschool has helped. They just know the routine. And on the weekends, Jason and I figured out that by telling them early in the morning what the schedule for the day is (playtime, get dressed, lunch, naps), they don't put up as much of a fuss. Plus, they know that after naps we're going over to my mom's - so that's something to look forward to. Another thing we've found is helpful is to tell them they only have to take a "short nap" knowing full well that once they go to sleep, they have no control over that. Ha!!!

Although, I must say 3 well rested children did not mean a lack of drama this morning. After both big kids crawled in bed with me a little after 7am and were full of giggles and cheer, Bryce a set of major fits that landed him in several timeouts through the morning. So well rested kids doesn't always mean that they'll be on their best behavior, but I know it can't hurt. At least Piper was especially smiley and giggly this morning. I just can't get enough of that. She really shines in the early morning.

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