Tuesday, October 14, 2008

State of the Kids

Just wanted to do a quick update about how everything is going as we adjust to our new routine with 3 kids and new daycares.

Caroline continues to do well! Loving school and all she's learning except mommy forgot to pack her homework folder today. In my defense, she doesn't have a backpack yet (that she uses for school) because most days, she doesn't have anything to carry in except her lunch. Gotta get in the swing of that! I felt terrible this morning when I realized it! Oh and purchased her Hannah Montana wig yesterday and she's already been going nuts wearing it. She really thinks she IS Hannah when she's wearing that. It's funny because it's such a fake looking wig, but Caroline thinks she looks so beautiful in it. I remember thinking that about my princess costume when I was in the first grade and now I look back and laugh at how goofy I looked. I promised her on Halloween night we can put clips and stuff in her hair but she'll have to leave it "as is" for the Halloween party at school.

Bryce is doing so great! After a few tough days last week, he is really coming around. He was so proud to tell me he hadn't cried at all on Friday and again today! And he even sat on the potty at school. Even though he didn't go, just sitting on the potty in a new place is a big step for him. He's peeing in the potty about 2-3 times a day at home now so I know there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am just so proud of how brave he has been and how hard he's trying. In the mornings when I tell him it's time to go, he gets a sad look on his face and just wants to be reassured that we'll share lots of kisses before I leave. As soon as I tell him "OF COURSE!" he's okay! And when we get there for drop off, we do share about 10 kisses and then he's fine. Now bedtime lately is another story, but I think it's just part of this adjustment. As for Bryce for Halloween, he'll be a dog b/c I found a great deal on a puppy costume and we've convinced him he'll be Wags the Dog from the Wiggles. He's psyched! He likes to TANGO!!!

And Ms. Piper. Whew. She's 3 months old! My goodness. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? The end of the 4th trimester and the beginning of the more fun part of babyhood. She's so smiley and really talks to everyone. She even yelled at me this evening when I was giving her a bath, it was precious. She's so expressive and is just so curious. Her new favorite person is Caroline and she lights up when Caroline sings and dances for her. She's doing great at her new daycare and we are very pleased with the care she's receiving. She's eating three 4.5 oz bottles of breastmilk while I'm at work which is just about as much as I can make for her. And she's sleeping pretty well too. She gets up 1-2 times a night but that depends on what you consider night. On the weekends 5:30 is still night, but on weekdays, we just get up. She'll get there...she's had a few 8-9 hour stretches so I know it's only a matter of time. She's so precious in the middle of the night too. She smiles at me and I know I can't smile back or she'll start thinking night time is playtime. But I do love seeing her little face.

And with that, she just started fussing so I better go and check on her. I've got 3 month pics to post too. And some sibling comparison!


Lisa :) said...

Erika, your kids are adorable! Thinking of the Bryce situation...my youngest was very sad when I went back to work after being with her for 6 1/2 years. I know you read books in the evening. Have you read the book The Kissing Hand? It is very cute how the mother and the baby raccoon hold their kisses in case they are lonely during the day. http://www.kinderthemes.com/thekissinghand My daughter is 14 now and she still talks about that book and how we kissed each others hand in the AM when I dropped her at school. Just a thought.

Erika said...

my mom actually gave it to us a few weeks before Bryce started at the new daycare. It came with little stickers and everything. Guess what? While they liked the book they hate the stickers and do NOT want to be kissed on their hands. HA HA! So we do cheek kissing and Bryce loves a good lip kiss too. I thought the hand kissing thing was so cute. My kids are weird.

Lisa :) said...

That is funny :) Too bad, I thought maybe it would be something they didn't already read :( I will have to check with Bracken and see if Sydney has that book. It is our all time favorite and she has a big birthday coming up in Novemeber.