Thursday, October 09, 2008

State of the Allergies

We took the 2 big kids to see Dr. S for their next round of allergy checkups. Caroline was just going to be a "look see" since she had her testing done in May and since she only has environmental allergies, she won't need to have anymore testing done unless we go ahead with shots in a few years. But for Bryce, we were expecting to have his egg and peanut allergies reassessed. Dr. S did the food panel skin test and we sat and waited. We were really keeping our fingers crossed on both since we knew his peanut level was never that high to begin with and because a majority of kids with egg allergies from an early age outgrow them.

The good news is that Dr. S is pretty sure Bryce has outgrown his peanut allergy! We will be scheduling a food challenge in a few weeks where we take him in, he eats peanuts and we wait to see how he does. However, the skin test showed that he's still allergic to eggs. At least his reaction on the skin test is still a little bit more sensitive than the doctor would like it to be before ordering the challenge. However, the doctor is still very hopeful since it's still a relatively "low" reaction compared to others he sees. So we'll try again probably in a year or so.

I was a little bummed and had hoped that if we'd found he'd outgrown anything, it would be the egg since that is the one preventing him from eating the most basic foods, but I am very hopeful that this will pass too.

So now I need to make the food challenge appointment which I will combine with Piper's first allergy assessment. I mentioned to Dr. S that Piper has had some dry, patchy eczema and I'm concerend about what her potential for food allergies might be because of our family history. So he said to go ahead and bring her in for a skin test and we'll see. I'd much rather know what to avoid from the start than to have to experience a food reaction. At least this time we KNOW it's not peanuts that's causing the eczema because I haven't eaten any since I found out I was pregnant. I'd be willing to bet money that it's eggs. Again, not something I eat much of, but a definite possibility since I don't avoid baked goods and such. The known is better than the unknown in the realm of food allergies so I'm glad to already have a plan of attack for whatever comes up on Piper's. My only anxiety at this point is dairy but since her eczema is very mild, I'd guess that isn't it since I do eat a good bit of dairy and I'd think her reaction would be worse if that is what she was sensitive too. You should see photos of Bryce at 3 months age when his eczema was RAGING. Clearly the peanuts because as soon as I took them out of my diet, he was fine.


Mama said...

SMILE, I just dropped a Zyretc coupon in the mail to you today!

Erika said...

Thankfully our Zyrtec days are numbered for the rest of this season. The doc is having us take them off Zyrtec as part of their daily regimen now that winter is coming. We'll still give it as needed (esp. before going anywhere with kitties) but we're almost off the hook until March!