Monday, October 27, 2008

Somebody's Staying Home

Caroline's chest cold and congestion hasn't gotten any better. In fact, maybe even a little worse and then this evening when I got home I thought she felt warm. 100.2. Bingo. A trip to the doctor is in her future tomorrow. It's just a matter of which parent will be doing the doctor car pool. Jason isn't feeling so great himself so if he takes the day off he'll be on doctor duty, otherwise it will probably be me.

Today's weather certainly felt like December rather than October. I hope this isn't a preview of the early onset of the winter. Now to get Caroline back in shape for her Halloween party at school on Thursday and of course, the big Trick or Treat event on Friday.


BJ said...

I will keep my fingers crossed it doesn't flow through the family

Viv said...

Must be the weather, Makenzie is sick too! So we're staying in and hoping that Victoria doesn't get it AND that it's gone by Friday! Hope Caroline keeps her germs to herself and that your house is better soon!