Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Scare-oline and Bryce

My sister came over this evening for a "fall surprise" activity to do with the kids. I'd known for a few weeks that she'd been planning to make scarecrows with them but I wouldn't tell them what they'd be doing. I kept referring to it as their "fall surprise" and Caroline kept guessing it would just be glueing leaves to paper. (A lot of confidence there, huh?)

She called me this afternoon thinking that it wouldn't be a good day because of the rain but I reminded her of our garage and that they could do it in there. So when I arrived home, the bail of straw was already there with a few old clothes that she'd picked up at the thrift store. Caroline was very excited and after getting together a few additional supplies for them, the 3 of them went out in the garage to make scarecrows while Jason and I made dinner and took care of Piper.

I must say, they are cute little scarecrows. Chrissa got a giggle out of how long the arms are on Bryce's but I still think they are great. Caroline was a bit upset to hear that her scarecrow would just be sitting on the front porch and getting wet but we explained that is what farmers do with their scarecrows - leave them outside.

So I've got 2 little scarecrows chilling out on my front porch. Kind of cute, if you ask me. And I know the kids enjoyed hanging out with their Aunt Chrissa. Although Chrissa said that next time she'll just bring a bail of straw because they seemed to enjoy playing in the straw and cleaning it up more than anything else. Caroline called it "playing farm" and she was very sad when Aunt Chrissa left because farm play was over. I've really got to get her out into the garden next year. A girl after her Aunt Chrissa's heart, I tell you.

And yes, Bryce's scarecrow is wearing a very odd Jesus Christ hat. Chrissa said she couldn't pass it up at the thrift store.


BJ said...

Looks like the kids and your sister had a blast. Those type of activities are always so much fun because the kids really think it is cool.

Lisa :) said...

Boy, that looks like fun. My oldest gets into the Halloween and Christmas decorations the most. She has already gone shopping and decorated the garden. I think we will get a pumpkin this weekend. Although, since we live in the boonies we do not have trick or treaters or even a neighborhood so, no one really sees the decorations :( but us!