Sunday, October 26, 2008

No Pretty Pumpkins This Year

Last year, the kids painted little pumpkins and I painted two "pretty" pumpkins for them. This year, they wanted to run the show. At first I thought they just wanted to paint their little pumpkins and I started painting one for Piper too. But Caroline finished hers within seconds and then wanted to paint one of the big ones. And based on the fact that Caroline got to paint a small one and a big one, Bryce did too.

They both started out with a plate with all the colors on it and I was surprised how long they both kept all the colors seperated. But once Caroline started her big pumpkin that went to hell. I looked over and she had mixed all 8 colors together which ended up making some weird greenish-purplish mishmash. Jason told her that her pumpkin would look good hiding in the woods. Ha! I managed to finish Piper's little pumpkin with a sunflower on it and her name in between getting up numerous times to give the big kids fresh paint water.

Bryce starting out on his little pumpkin:

Caroline starting out on her little pumpkin:

Bryce's creation:

Caroline's "beautiful" pumpkin (she thought it was!):

Piper watching the action:

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