Saturday, October 04, 2008

More on the M.P. Parade

Katie had some good questions in her comments on my last post. And first of all, yes, WHAT was he wearing???? To the left is a picture of his back and it was even weirder. When I saw him coming from far away, I wondered if he had some kind of weird camoflauge on to go with the Hummer/Army theme. And when he got closer, I was like WHAT is that? But, whatever, he never claimed to be a fashion plate and it was so cool to see him in person. Clearly he doesn't have a stylist....yet. You could tell how excited he was to be there and that this wasn't just something that he had to do. The crowd surrounding just his part of the parade (the end) was kind of crazy and it got a little chaotic as he approached and crowd did with him. Which I'm guessing is why he wasn't wearing the medals - just too much to worry about. But let me start at the beginning....

We sat out in front of the Administration buiding at Towson University and had really good seats since we got there over an hour before. My parents and I had as many hands as kids, so it was a good ratio. (Jason was home mowing and brewing beer.) The parade started promptly at 3pm and we could see it coming toward us and hear the fire truck sounding its siren. The kids thought that was kind of cool but didn't seem too bothered by the noise although my mom and I covered Piper's delicate little ears. Then, the high school marching bands started coming and poor Bryce, he did not like them. I turned around and there was Bryce standing behind me with his hands covering his ears. In fact, there were several photos where you see Bryce holding his ears. I think it will be a while before we attempt to take him to the annual Mummer's Parade up in Hagerstown that I always went to as a kid.

But the parade rolled on with several local politicans in cool cars and a few old time fire trucks and such. Bryce really liked when Batman and Robin came down in a really neat looking Batmobile type car. The Baltimore Ducks even were filled with Special Olympics athletes. We got to see a good friend of ours in the parade on the Special Olympics float since she had gone to China last fall to compete in the international Special Olympics and won a medal there as well. I don't think she realized it was us until right after they passed by.

And after that, it got even more exciting. Who came down the road but Katie Hoff! My kids were VERY excited to see her. I think they just latched onto knowing her name and that she was from Baltimore and always asked in the same breath where she was when they heard Michael Phelps' name mentioned. I looked down and they both had these HUGE smiles on their faces when they realized who it was. Although I think they expected her to be in her swimming cap because Bryce kept saying, "Her hair was in a ponytail."

Then came the Phelps family with his married sister, her husband and 2 kids in one car:

And his mom and other sister in the next:

Then you could see it getting CRAZY down the street. More and more police on motorcycles and they were pushing the increasingly excited crowd back. (We'd started out on the curb and were now standing almost on the median!!) I was more than happy to move back, but other people weren't moving back and I really wanted to make sure the kids got a good view of Michael b/c that's the whole reason we came! And prior to this it had just been all the people sitting around us watching, but as Michael got closer this HUGE crowd of people were following him. It was kind of annoying since it wasn't exactly fair to the people who were waiting on the route to be pushed out by people who were just walking along like groupies. I made sure I got down and Bryce saw Michael and I heard my mom and dad making sure Caroline saw him too. I was thrilled with the photos I got and my dad videoed it.

So here are a few other photos we took waiting for the parade to start:

My dad and Bryce

The girls...Piper and Caroline were wearing matching outfits!

So all in all, a great way to spend a beautiful fall afternoon!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, he needs a stylist.

Also, I always wondered about where his dad is and what hole is hiding in now that his entire family is famous.

Looks like a fun time. Thanks for posting I feel like i was right there too.

BJ said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I agree, his outfit was a little weird but everyone seemed to still be excited to see him:> Why did they wait so long to do the parade for them? I would have figured they would have done it some time ago.

Viv said...

What fun!

I think they waited to do the parade after the Para-Olympics to be over for Jessica Long (who won 6 medals) and they were waiting for Michael to get back home (he was in London, LA, Vegas & New York and just got back to Baltimore 1 1/2 weeks ago!)

And his style is a liitle gangsta and his favorite musice is rap but he's entitled :) I'm sure he'll look back one day day and say what the ... (but haven't we all said that at one time or another!)

Lisa :) said...

I had made a post, not sure why it didn't post? Well, looks like you guys had a great time. It was a nice day for the parade. I think he should have worn something a little more patriotic?!?! But, maybe he gets tired of doing that. Although, he shouldn't. We watched the program from Fort McHenry last night. I think it was a bummer! Very unorganized.

Mama said...