Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mee Maw

My paternal grandmother, Violet, aka Mee Maw, has been in the hospital since last Wednesday. Mee Maw is almost 80 and has continued to live independently in the house my dad grew up in in Western MD since my grandfather died about 15 years ago. But last Wednesday wasn't a usual morning for her. Instead of making it to her church to help with a funeral luncheon, she ended up in the hospital with excessive bleeding in her lower GI tract. My dad raced up there that day and then my mom went the next day. The heavy bleeding has stopped but over the course of the past week she's received 9 units of blood and they are constantly monitoring her levels and beleive that she may still have some slower bleeding. The surgeon hasn't released her yet since he's cautiously watching what could happen - at the first sign of heavy bleeding again, she'll need surgery right away.

I guess MeeMaw is kind of bored since now that her blood levels are back up, she feels fine and is very tired of being in the hospital. She's very active and knowing her had a bunch of things she knows she is missing at her church since she is in charge of so many things there.

So now we just wait to see what happens. She's always been relatively healthy, so I'm hopeful that she'll come out of this okay but her whole family now wonders how much longer she'll be able to continue living alone like she has been. I know how scared she was when this all started and I'm so grateful she was able to call an ambulance for herself.

Update: She is being released from the hospital this afternoon, so hopefully the news continues to be good!


Lisa :) said...

I will keep her in my thought and prayers. Hopefully, she will get the spring back in her step and live 50 more years ;)

Mama said...

Happy to hear the update...and will send you, your family and MeeMaw positive thoughts. *squeeze* (that was a warm hug for you my friend!)