Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mash Up

Here's a mish mash of a bunch of items:

  • Tomorrow is school picture day! Call me naive but because the center where Caroline and Bryce go is so small, I didn't even think about the fact that they might do school photos. So you can imagine my excitement upon getting the notice the other day!! (Of course we've already done Joe Corbi's and Scholastic book orders, so it's pretty standard stuff, I guess.) Anyway, I'm so excited and can't wait to see what turns up. We just had Bryce's 3rd birthday photos taken so I'm not as pressed about his, but if Caroline's turn out good, we can forgo the annual Picture People venture for her birthday! I've always said once they are in school getting their photos taken that we'll stop the expensive PP shots. Plus, Caroline has never really enjoyed the PP experience so this would be a benefit all around! Let's hope she lets me brush her hair tomorrow and we can collaborate on what she'll wear.

  • Bryce is proving my theory correct that the 3's are more "terrible" than the 2's. Not that it's truly terrible, but he has his moments. He's quite demanding and can throw a tantrum to rival anything Caroline's ever thrown. He's very persistant (as we've always known) and it takes a long time for him to calm down when he's riled up. Some mornings have been tough but thankfully his sisters have been reasonably easy to balance it out. I know he's going through a lot of adjustment right now - school, not being the baby anymore, etc, so that just adds to the already difficult age. So we're just balancing it out when he's in good spirits with lots of love and attention. He told Jason last night on their boy's trip to Home Depot that he was his best bud.

  • Caroline is trying so hard to be a helpful big sister. Piper simply delights in Caroline's attention most times and loves to watch her sing and dance. The problem comes when Caroline tries to overstep her role of big sister by also mothering her. I thought she understood not to try and lift Piper by herself after the debacle back in August, but yesterday afternoon, I left her alone in her room with Piper strapped in her bouncy chair while I changed out of my work clothes and raced down the hall when I heard Piper's odd cry. Caroline had tried to lift the bouncy chair (with Piper in it) and carry it to my room. She hadn't been able to do much and the bouncy chair had fallen foward and Piper was on her belly. After freeing Piper in about .3 seconds (she was fine!), Caroline collapsed in tears. She knew immeadiately what she'd done was wrong and she was VERY worried about Piper. So we had another discussion about how she is not Piper's mommy and that she is not big enough to lift or hold Piper without a grown up's help. Clearly we're being even more careful about the kids and Piper now. You think just a minute down the hall is no big deal. Sigh.

  • We all had colds last week (at least the kids and I did) and while Piper, Bryce and I are over it, Caroline is still hanging onto hers. She's still stuffy and has this annoying cough. Ugh. Poor kid. We put the cool mist humidifier in her room last night and I was convinced it was really helping until about 2am when she coughed off and on for the better part of an hour. Of course, every cough woke me up. It doesn't sound like it's down in her chest, just up in her throat, so I'm not overly concerned yet, but I'm starting to get on alert. If she's no better by tomorrow morning, I'll have to reassess. She says she feels okay and nothing hurts, so we'll see. No fever or anything like that either. Poor baby!

That's all I can think of now. I'm sleep deprived as usual.

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Katie said...

Awwww. The Caroline story with the bouncy chair was sweet (although I'm sure Piper didn't enjoy it at the time ;-)