Friday, October 10, 2008

Lots of Work

The other morning when Bryce was saying he didn't want to go to school, Caroline tried to make it easier for him.

"Bryce, your school is fun. You get to play and do really fun stuff. " sigh

"I have to do lots of work because I'm bigger. I'm very busy working on my letters. You get to have fun so you should be happy about going to school."

Boy, working on your E's and F's sure is hard work! Ha! Although I should add how THRILLED she is to bring us home her papers showing her progress on the alphabet. And honestly, I am completely floored and proud of how well she's doing with writing all of a sudden. The other night she wrote almost the entire alphabet on her chalkboard. While some of the letters still need work, I knew what she was going for and it's a big difference over what she had been doing earlier in the summer. (Note, we're not forcing this on her, she's just very interested!) It's amazing how quickly she picks up on things. She's spelling 3 letter words left and right too. It won't be much longer before Jason and I will have to resort to another form of communication since we spell things we don't want the kids to know about. Maybe we'll make up our own language. Or there's always Pig Latin, but that's not too hard to figure out if you're talking about something like Annah-ha Ontanta-ma.


Lisa :) said...

Kids are so smart these days! I bet if you started speaking to your husband in Pig Latin, Caroline would probably figure it out! LOL :)

Viv said...

My Mom & dad used to speak German around the house when I was younger to keep us from knowing secrets! Do you & Jason know another language?

BJ said...

Sydney has been so excited to have her easle since we finally unpacked it. She tries to write her letters. She still has a ways to go but some of the letters she is doing very well at.