Friday, October 31, 2008

"I Scared" that I Hurt My Back

Yeah, so Bryce's bedtime saga continued last night and while I do believe his night time fears, I also believe that most of his bedtime issue is that he's just VERY demanding. And b/c sometimes out of sheer exhaustion, we give in and give him a drink of water or cover him up (AGAIN!). We humor him to get him to stop YELLING. But last night, I'd had it. I was fed up and I was not gonna take it anymore!!! So I employed good old SuperNanny's back in bed technique.

I did not get angry. I did not talk to him. I just kept putting him back every time he got out of bed. And so for 45 minutes, he yelled, he screamed, he cried, he flailed, he stomped, and he jumped. And each time he got out of bed, I put him back. I was sweaty and tired and finally Jason came to relieve me at 8:45 and only had to put him back twice. And not long after, Bryce realized we weren't giving in and he might as well go to sleep. (It was amusing the laundry list of requests he tried during this fit - a drink, door open, door closed, covered up, I wanna tell you something, etc.) I was proud of us and hoped that the next time wouldn't be quite as long b/c he'll realize what the end result will be....that WE win.

So I watched Grey's Anatomy in my sleepy state and went to bed. But, once there, I realized that poor Jason's cough was not going away. I tried to sleep and then told him I was going down on the couch, but he nobley offered to go since the likelihood of Piper waking up was good (she was up at 2am to eat) and he's also pretty accustomed to sleeping on the couch since it's where he passes out most evenings. So finally, I think I drifted off after 11pm. But Bryce was up a few more times (midnight and 2am) and since I was the only parent upstairs, he was all mine. He started to throw a fit and I realized we'd need to do the "put him back" thing again if I didn't want to give in, but considering that Jason was downstairs and Piper was stirring, I knew it wasn't possible. So I covered him up and hoped for the best. He came into Piper's room crying but then kind of woke up more and started chatting - which then woke Piper up more. But, I got them both back to sleep before 2:30am and went back to sleep until a little after 5am when Bryce woke up yelling for Jason. Ugh.

And when I got out of bed, I realized that my back HURT HURT HURT. The combination of not getting enough sleep with the rigors of bedtime boot camp had done me in. I took ibuprofen on the way to work and it's still not helping. Oy. Clearly I'm not going to be the most chipper Halloween celebrant tonight.

When do kids stop fighting sleep so much and start realizing what a valuable commodity it is? But I will say this, back pain be damned I am NOT giving up on Bryce's bedtime bootcamp. He is going to realize his demands mean nothing and that he needs to go to sleep when we tell him to. (This was AFTER 2 time outs last night for using his outside voice after a few warnings.) I think this kid is in "test" mode and we just have to make sure we don't give him any indication that our defenses are weak sometimes. He is most defintiely NOT the boss.


Viv said...

We got Kenzie to stay in her bedroom after we put her to bed for the night until 7 am (or seven-zero-zero as she says cause that what her clock tells her) by making a chart for her to fill with stickers. Once she got so many stickers (1 sticker for each night/morning she stayed in her room) she got a reward (her reward was a leap frog laptop she sooooo needed to have and it was only $20 at WalMart so that was super easy to do!) It took about a month (our chart had 21 sticker holes to fill) and then once she was done we went to get her reward. She had a few nights that weren't so great but now she waits until I come and open her door every morning of course except when she's sick but who doesn't want to snuggle in where you aren't feeling so great! Maybe this will work for you. the trick of course is finding the reward that makes it work. And I know you're potty training too - we had to get her to stay in her big girl bed before we thought about potty training - One battle at a time!

Christine said...

Kudos to you for sticking to your guns, even sleep deprived!!! I really hope it's a quick payoff and he goes down easy (and for good) tonight! IF not, slap a stamp or two on his head and send him up here- I'm up all night anyways ;) Why should we all be tired?

Mama said...

1. Way to go! That was no easy feat!
2. Stick with it...rewards will come...
3. He may be seeking more attention from you due to Miss Piper...he was the baby before and used to getting 1/2 and now he gets 1/ be sure to find ways to give him appropriate attention during the day so he doesn't try to get it all at bedtime.
4. Get a babysitter and go on a date with Jay!

Anonymous said...

I vote for a date also! Grandparents willing to babysit.

Mama said...

LOOK, I found you a babysitter...*wink* GO, now, out the door!