Friday, October 17, 2008

Giggles & Screams

Ooooo, I just love this age! Piper is such a smiley baby! And last night, I was laying on the floor with her talking and she actually laughed. I'm not talking the little baby, one beat, laugh. I'm talking one that lasted a few seconds. Oh my gosh, it made me laugh too and so loud it scared she stopped laughing.

No matter how many times you hear a baby laugh, each time it's wonderful. And now that it's getting more frequent and you can count on when she'll be happy, you just want to get them out of her.

But you know seems to entertain Piper the best? Caroline! Oh wow, Piper is just totally fascinated by Caroline and Caroline can't get enough of Piper (and hasn't been able to since she held her the first time). In the mornings, Caroline is usually the first one in to see Piper when she wakes up and leans over the crib, unwraps Piper from her swaddle, and then the fun begins. She rolls her, she turns her, she sings to her, she reads to her, and she makes lots of funny sounds and faces. It's really the cutest thing. In fact, I have to MAKE Caroline go and get dressed because she doesn't want to miss a second.

This morning, Caroline was already finished breakfast I told her to run up and brush her teeth so that when I came up with Bryce, she could come back down and "babysit" Piper while I finished getting ready. Piper was in her bouncy chair and Caroline did just that. I could hear Caroline singing Hannah Montana and dancing around while I heard Piper yelling at her and clearly enjoying the show. They were quite a sight, especially since they were wearing matching outfits again today.

I hope they will always be close and I have a feeling Piper is going to grow up even faster and want to be just like her big sister. Oy...the teenage years should be interesting when I have a 12 and 17 year old.

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Lisa :) said...

Good luck with that 12 and 17 thing! I have 14 and 17, not a good match at all times. Then other times they are like best friends and go shopping together, etc. You just never know. Then the 16 old one in the middle (boy) could care less what his sisters are doing.