Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Damn Wind

When Caroline, Piper and I arrived home yesterday from C's doctor appointment Jason asked me if I'd seen what the wind had done to the house. I hadn't noticed (thankfully it couldn't be that bad, right?). I saw right away he was looking online at companies that repair siding, etc. In all the wind gusts yesterday, a piece of aluminum flashing that covers the front lip of the roof on the facade of the house broke loose and was waving in the wind like a piece of material. BANG BANG BANG! And of course, it was right above Caroline's room, my notorius distracted sleeper.

So while it will need to be repaired, in the grand scheme of things, it's not that bad - it just doesn't look great. And it's so high, fixing it yourself without some kind of mega ladder, is nearly impossible and not the safest. Being that we have no ladder like that and it was still gusty outside, we had to leave it. Jason turned up Caroline's white noise machine and we hoped for the best. But around 9pm Jason looked out and noticed that it had broken a little more loose and was now hitting Caroline's window - so added noise AND he was afraid it would rip her screen. Thankfully, Caroline wasn't asleep yet, so he went in, opened her window and WOOOOOSH! In came the cold wind! He had his work gloves on so he wouldn't get cut and tried to pull it loose, but he didn't want to damage the rain gutter so he twisted it a few times and part of it broke off but there was still a long piece hanging so he tried again to no avail.

Finally, he just let go of it and the wind blew it up on top of the roof. Then back down again and the banging seemed louder. But then the wind picked it back up again and I think it got stuck on the roof and we didn't hear it again. This morning I could see it all tangled up and bent back onto the roof. Let's hope this seemingly easy repair won't cost and arm and a leg.

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Lisa :) said...

Is there a such thing as an easy repair that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? It never seems to be an easy fix at my house