Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Congestion seems to be the theme for my Tuesday. Extremely congested traffic this morning on the way to work (took me almost an hour to go 15 miles), poor Caroline is still very congested in her chest, and Jason is very congested in his throat causing him not to have much of a voice.

So Jason is staying home with Caroline and Bryce (no way Bryce is willing to go to school without Caroline yet) while Piper has gone to daycare and I'm at work. I'll leave a little early though to take Caroline to the doctor's this afternoon. Here's hoping she'll be back to herself by her Halloween party on Thursday at school.

I just can't get over how nasty and cold it is outside for late October. Two weeks ago it was HOT! I didn't believe the temperature reading in the van yesterday when it said 41 degrees at 4:30pm. WTH? Add the rain and dampness and it feels like December.

Let's hope the week improves for all the congestion in my life!


Lisa :) said...

I hope everyone feels better soon :)

Anonymous said...

C better be better by Halloween!
And the weather better be better too!
P.S. That sucks about the traffic. At least you have XM right?

Erin said...

We have it too... :( Poor Simon keeps coughing and waking himself up tonight... hence why I am up at 1:30a.m. (sigh) I also can't breathe through my nose at night and have the chest thing, as does my husband. Ben is probably best off, but he has it too. :(