Wednesday, October 01, 2008


All of a sudden it seems like our bedroom got bigger. It's amazing how much space a mini-cosleeper takes up. So it's official, Piper is sleeping in her crib full time now. She was always sleeping in the co-sleeper prior to the beach trip at the beginning of September and after we returned from the beach she spent a few more nights in there next to me, but for a bunch of reasons, I could tell she was ready for her crib. And we were right - she's sleeping 7-9 hours at night now which usually means she wakes up once to eat. However, we kept the co-sleeper assembled next to my bed for whatever reason and I still used it a few times to put her in if she had an early morning feed and I just wanted to put her next to me. But then we packed it up for her to sleep in when we went to Ohio and it's still sitting (packed up) on our living room floor. I'll probably bring it upstairs and keep it packed up just in case we need it. I'm mostly thinking that if/when Piper gets her first cold it will be helpful since propping them up helps immensely with congestion.

So I've got a mix of emotions with this. I know we all sleep better when she's in her room. I don't wake up from hearing her little grunts and sleep noises she makes and think she's waking up to eat. But I also miss just having her sweet little face next to me and being able to just roll over, pick her up and feed her. Although burping her sitting up right in her rocking chair is WAY easier than sitting up in bed to do it. Plus, getting up in the middle of the night to nurse her is something I can do in a half awake state most nights - I got very good at it with Bryce who nursed once a night until he was almost 8 months old.

She's already 2 1/2 months old (12 weeks!) and I'm seeing how much she's changing and growing. She's not a newborn anymore and all squinchy and precious although she's still pretty damn cute, if I do say so myself. I love all the new things she's doing along with sucking the heck out of her fists and making lots of loud noises, but you do miss the newborn stuff sometimes too.

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Lisa :) said...

It is very hard when you know this is going to be your last baby. Heck, my last baby started High School and I can't believe it! Then my first baby is graduating from High School this year and then my son will be next year. Hold on to those little baby moments. They go by sooooo fast!