Monday, October 20, 2008

A Busy Family Weekend

I guess the busier you are on the weekends, the faster Monday comes. So Monday seemed to come VERY fast this weekend. Friday night was pretty standard although Jason and the big kids met me at Piper's new DCP so that Jason could meet her for the first time since he'll be assuming Piper's pickup duties in the afternoons now. (He's working 6:30am to 3:30pm from now on so he can pick up all 3 kids and I can come straight home!) Saturday morning was joyous as I've mentioned before since we were all well rested. Jason headed up to his sister's to help them move into their new place while I stayed home on kid duty. By the time Jason got home, both big kids were on their way to napland and we were able to get showered so we'd be ready to leave when the kids woke up.

After they both awoke from really good naps, we headed over to my mom's to spend the evening with my parents and their best friends, Jackie & Jim (Gigi and Popou to the kids). And to the kids' delight, when we got there, Zoe, their granddaughter, was there too. (Her mom and dad had gone to the Terps game and Zoe didn't want to go, so we had the pleasure of her company.) The kids were thrilled and they all took off for the basement to tear out my old toys and play together. My mom and dad took turns taking us out in their new Mini Cooper Clubman for a spin and the rest of us caught up, especially since this was J & J's first chance to meet Piper.

My mom made a wonderful dinner and just before it was ready, Mark, Sara, and Little Taki arrived to join us. So now there were 4 crazy little kids running around, having a blast! The kids munched on macaroni and cheese while the adults enjoyed some more mature fare. And after that we all shared apple pie, ice cream, and brownies but the kids were still interested in going out and making s'mores around my mom's firepit. By 9pm though the kids were wearing out and we all packed up for home where bedtime came easily since all 3 kids were tired out.

Yesterday was relatively uneventful - Jason did his usual vacuuming thing and I washed up the very dirty kitchen floor as we both procrastinated about going to the grocery store. When the kids woke up from naps I talked to my mom and she happily invited the kids to come over while we shopped and then said we could stay for dinner. Wow! A 2 adult, no kid grocery trip? I'll say yes to that! So we managed to get through the very crowded store with ease, took the food home and then joined my parents and Kevin and Kelly for dinner. (Happy Belated Birthday, Kelly!) The kids were having a ball when we got there and we enjoyed another nice meal together. Finally, the kids bathed there and put on their PJs and we got on the road a little after 8pm, which is the usual bedtime, but considering how much we'd gotten done and the fact it was such a nice evening, it was okay.

So home to pack lunches and prepare for Monday. Whew! No wonder I feel like the weekend was a blur. But at least it was well spent! And BRRRRRR! It was cold this morning!! We'll need extra blankets on the bed tonight and maybe even turn the heat on just in the overnight. It was COLD at 2am when I got up to feed Piper. I almost put a little hat on her because I worried she'd be chilly.


BJ said...

I love your parent's car! I think those cars are so cool.

Sounds like you have a fabulous weekend. Hope the week goes well for you.

Anonymous said...

Yay for baby hats! LOL

I just turned my heat on for overnights too.
Brrrr cold, but refreshing.
I'm already looking forward to...dare I say it...
nah, I won't. Gotta at least wait until after Halloween.