Tuesday, October 14, 2008

3 Months Old

Piper, how can you be 3 months old already?

Just such a precious little girl! (Details on what's "up" with her are below.)

Here are some 3 month sibling comparisons below:

Caroline: (are you impressed I remembered what Caroline was wearing in her 3 month photo?)

Bryce (with terrible eczema and a funny hat!):

And a cute sister photo....had to crop Bryce out, he was picking his nose.


Lisa :) said...

Very sweet. I bet Caroline got a kick out the fact that they both had on the same outfit :)

Dawn said...

Oh how cute! Boy, Caroline really looks like you in that sisters pic. And, I think Piper looks like a combination of both Caroline and Bryce! I love that C and P are wearing the same outfit in their 3 month pics!