Monday, October 06, 2008

3-6 Months

My little Piper is growing! She'll be 3 months old next week and is starting to grow into her 3-6 months clothes. She's still fitting into a lot of her 0-3 month clothes, but since most of them are summery, it's good timing that she's ready for the next set. She looks so precious in all the footed sleepers and just so cozy.

With the 0-3 month clothes, almost nothing but the undershirts/onesies were Caroline's since Caroline was born in December and all her clothes were heavy sleepers and such. She did wear a bunch of the thinner 0-3 month sleepers at night though.

But now with the 3-6 month clothes, we have a definite overlap! Suffice it to say, Piper will not need ANY 3-6 month clothes. Oh my gosh. She has ALL of Caroline's warm clothes (that Caroline wore from February-April) and a bunch that people have given her. Her drawers are overflowing AND she's got a bunch of stuff in the closet. We're talking undershirts, day clothes, sleepers, etc! And it's all adorable stuff. I'm thrilled that Piper will get to wear several of the outfits that I just loved when Caroline wore them which will work well for some cute side by side shots to see how much the sisters are looking alike.

And Bryce doesn't get left out either since I have a few sleepers that are unisex so when all is said and done, all 3 kids will have worn them.

Unfortunately, when we get to 6-9 months again, the clothing overlap will cease since Caroline was wearing summer clothes during that time and Piper will still be in the chilly months. So we'll have to reassess the wardrobe situation again in mid-winter.


Mama said...

Gretchen is wearing 24 mos. size! Can you believe that????

Lisa :) said...

So cute. I love little kids clothes. I go could go to the childrens department at any store and spend hours! Although, I have no little ones to buy clothes for anymore :( My kids always joke with me that when they give me grandchildren, they will never have to buy them clothes. I think they may be correct! I can't wait!!! (well, I can but...).

Anonymous said...

I love when Lucy wears my fav Emily outfits. It is so fun and brings back some really happy memories.

I too am having an overlap problem. In the summer, when Lucy was 12 mos I had all of Emily's 18 mos summer stuff for her to wear. Although, now that we are heading into winter, I don't have much 18 month winter clothing and the 2T stuff is still way too big.

I may have to get a few fall outfits to fill in the gaps.
I'm not complaining. I love dressing my girls and buying Lucy fun outfits.

BJ said...

Sydney is so tiny that we have been able to reuse her 24 month shorts this summer. Having no diaper now gives her just that extra room she needed. Unfortunately we are going to have to buy her pants as it gets cooler because she has grown so tall.

BJ said...

Your comment to my blog has definitely been discussed. The question is when the position would open up for that possibility. Time will tell!