Sunday, September 07, 2008

Stink Hand

That's the name we've been jokingly referring to Bryce as lately. Mr. Stink Hand. Ew. We've managed to keep it mostly dry the past 2 weeks which is quite a feat considering he's THREE and we were at the beach (with a pool). But even keeping it mostly dry does not take out the fact that his little hand sweats and he touches things with it. Seriously, it kind of smells like he brought the beach back with us but in a foul sort of way. The past few days Jason or I have told him to smell it and he does and says with a giggle, "Ew, that's stinky." We've gotten a good giggle out of that.

Add that to the fact that his feet are kind of stinky after wearing his Crocs a lot and he's not potty trained yet and Bryce is just kind of a stinky boy. And while I don't want to make any generalizations about boys vs. girls, but so far for me, my boy has been my stinky one. Not that Caroline hasn't had her smelly times, but I don't recall her being a little smelly like this a lot of the time.

Yes, we bathe him daily and yes, we change his diaper as needed (we're waiting for this cast to come off to go full force w/ the PTing), but there's just something a little smelly about him a lot of the time. From his grubby little finger nails and toe nails to his head. He's just all boy! Makes me a little scared for his teenage years though.

But on the subject of his cast, this little guy couldn't be tolerating it any better. He doesn't complain about it at all. Ever. Seriously, I can't believe how well he's adapted to it. It just is amazing how resilient little kids are and how great of a spirit Bryce has. He runs around and does things without giving his cast another thought. Don't get me wrong, I'm counting the days until it comes off - 10 - but if all continues to go as well as it has, I consider us pretty lucky, although maybe a little stunk out by the smell of it.

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Erin said...

ROFL!!! Okay, now multiply that by two and you have my house. Seriously, why are my kids nails dirty at the end of EVERY day?! I scrub them like crazy! Ah, boys. They also ALWAYS manage to be sticky, somehow.