Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Still Beachin'

Well, things continue to be pretty great down here. Lots of sun and beautiful weather. We really cannot complain. Having 2 sets of grandparents has been nice too since that means lots of extra hands. I've even managed to finish reading a book in between watching Caroline jump in the pool 5,000 times. Here are a few shots from the week (click on any of the photos to see a bigger version of it):

First trip down to the beach - Bryce with both grandfathers:

Bryce swimming, even in a cast, with his superhero-esque cast cover:

Caroline and Daddy at the "beeps."

Caroline in action:

Poor Piper and her TERRIBLE case of baby acne (we still think she's cute):

Bryce finally let more than just his Aunt Kelly sign his cast:

As promised, miniature golf:

The ocean was absolutely, perfectly beautiful today. Warm water, easy waves, and a huge sandbar. I even found a perfect sand dollar in the water because it was so clear. And not a cloud in the sky. They say we need to watch out for Hurricane Hannah (Montana??) on Friday, but we're still hopeful it will hold out until Saturday so our week stays perfect.

All three kids are on pretty good behavior. Piper hasn't been fussy much at all and has been waking to eat and going right back to sleep. Both the big kids are cooperating for the most part with instructions but are both certainly up to their usual silly antics and entertaining everyone around. Caroline brought along her imaginary friends the Jonas Brothers too. Good thing they don't eat too much. The hardest part has been getting them to bed at a decent hour - especially since they are sharing a bedroom. However, I'm shocked that they've both been taking naps without too much issue. I think it's b/c they are genuinely worn out from all the running around and swimming. Exercise - the great equalizer. Who knew?

As for Jay and I, we're feeling more relaxed sinced all 3 kids are getting plenty of attention and we even got to get out for dinner alone last night. 2 glasses of wine made me pretty darn loopy, but it was nice to have wine with dinner for the first time in about a year. Jason got in a round of golf this morning with my dad this morning while I was on pool patrol.

Finally, I'll leave you with this - there is an extra bedroom on the middle floor and Bryce keeps going in and looking around. My mom asked him why and he said he was waiting for Aunt Kelly and Uncle Kevin to come because that is where they would be sleeping. Sadly, A.K. and U.K. aren't coming down this year. We'll have to make plans for next year guys!


BJ said...

wow, it sounds like you guys are having a fabulous week. I hope it keeps up for you.

Mama said...

Wow! You married a WHITE man! Ha! (Sorry, Jay, but I'm blind!)...So glad the weather has been great for you guys.

jason said...

Yes, I am white. I used to be a nice golden tan when I was a lifeguard, but years of working in an office all day will do that to you.