Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Smiles, Coos, and Gurgles

Now this is where it gets even better! Piper is rapidly approaching the end of the "4th trimester" which means that her body is starting to figure things out and her "wiring" is getting all connected. Gone are the more intense times of not being able to get her to stop crying in the evenings (although it still happens sometimes) and she's sleeping longer. And now the smiles, which started off randomly, can now be counted on! There really are few things in life that can rival a young infant's smile. It's so genuine and when you pair it with coos and gurgles, you really almost melt.

Miss Piper is certainly charming the pants off everyone she meets. Last night we walked across the street to deliver a gift for my neighbor who is about to deliver and as I was holding her facing out, she just looked at my neighbor, smiled from ear to ear, and "talked." It was precious.

She's also been starting to try and control her hands enough to get her left one in her mouth. We'll find her laying there, sucking on her left fist and I know she's trying to get that thumb! Although sometimes she can't really coordinate getting her hand to her mouth and she'll end up with it in her eye or on her forehead. I can tell that's what she's trying to do because she's got her mouth open looking for it. So I think there's a very good chance I'll have my 2nd thumbsucker if this continues. She's also starting to make an effort to roll over - I can't believe she's doing that already!!

And it's very clear she's getting to know faces other than just mine and Jason's. She clearly knows her siblings but she's also getting to know her grandmothers well too. I know they've been enjoying the extra time with her!

So all is well as we approach her 11 week birthday.


Lisa :) said...

Piper is very adorable! You just want to eat her up! I love her cheeks :)

Mama said...

CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! [one for each of your beautiful children!]