Tuesday, September 16, 2008

She Wiped the Slate Clean

We were having a jovial post-bath time this evening. Bryce and Caroline were cavorting around playing some kind of chase/ball game while Jason and I watched in Bryce's room and Piper was hanging out in the bouncy chair. The kids were laughing and having fun and taking turns coming in and sitting in my lap and being hugged/tickled/loved - so clearly getting plenty of attention. (I'd even played "house" with Caroline and Bryce for a while before dinner, so they clearly were not feeling neglected.)

We told Caroline to go in and brush her teeth and she went into the bathroom and we had no reason to expect she was doing anything else. We were wrong. A few minutes later she came out and told me that she had used the washcloth and wiped all the letters off the wall. Without even looking, I had a pretty good idea what she had done. See, in the kids' bathroom, we have a bright yellow stripe painted on the wall (I'll need to find a photo) where we've been measuring the kids since they were 12-14 months old. I would measure the kids and then print out a label on the printer on a clear label. Of course, being at home we only have an ink jet printer...you can probably see where this is going.

So over the course of 3+ years, it's held up fairly well....until tonight. When I went to look to see what she had done, I was right - she had completely wiped ALL the marks off the labels that had noted their name, age, and the line for their height. ARGH! I was mad and trying not to laugh at the same time. I had Jason go and look and he was none too pleased either.

She knew right away we were not pleased and the proud little smirk she had on her face when she came to announce what she did quickly turned into a cry when we told her she'd lost her bedtime book. She thought she was being so funny and witty and while I take the blame for not using a more waterproof method, I do not buy that she didn't know what she was doing like she kept telling me over and over. She insisted that she had just wanted to "clean the wall." I told her that if that had been her intention that as soon as she saw that the words were coming off she should have stopped.

However, all is not lost, as I want her to think it is for the night. Each measurement is marked on the wall with a pencil mark underneath the label. While the age/name is erased, each kid had a column and I know when we started measuring them and I measured them every 2 months until they were 2 and then every 6 months after. I think I'll be fixing this little mishap with some permanent black marker. What do you think?

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