Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Is this the most ridiculous thing you've EVER read/heard?

PETA Urges Ben & Jerry's to Use Human Milk

The torture to cows?? What about the torture to women who overexpend themselves to pump breastmilk around the clock? And because being hooked to a breastpump is the most wonderful, non-torturous thing. I can see it now....breastmilk sweatshops. Ugh. C'MON people...there are bigger things in this world to worry about.


Viv said...

I heard this story and was horrified! How silly. PETA is so over-the-top it's ridiclous! I mean we can't even get all mother's to beastfeed their own kids and they want to pump moms for ice cream! OMG!

Mama said...

I second that, Viv! I mean, the percentage of Mom's that breastfeed for the benefits to their children is so small...and now for ice-cream? PERHAPS, we could "double-dip" and feed the ice cream to the babies!!

Dawn said...

Okay, so you know I work for the company that makes B&J... and I can tell you I can't imagine this EVER getting any further than a good laugh at the water cooler. I think PETA is absolutely ridiculous on this topic (and probably others!) and it was a ludicrous suggestion that had to have been in part a media play! This story just makes me LAUGH!