Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Here's my little Piperoni (as Bryce called one day after she was born).

She's smiling, cooing, and just being generally adorable. Her baby acne has cleared up considerably, but I'm pretty sure she's got a case of eczema already which tells me she's allergic to something. She has her 2 month checkup on Monday and I'm sure the doctor will be referring us to the allergist. I knew it wouldn't be long before good old Dr. S saw Piper, but I didn't expect it at 2 months. Sigh. This is how Bryce's started too except I didn't realize what it was as quickly. I'm not eating peanuts, so that's not it and barely any eggs. So I'm hoping it's just the nuts that are in my cereal every morning that are doing it as opposed to something like dairy or soy. Oy. Those are the food allergies I'm petrified of.

Oh and she slept for EIGHT HOURS last night! 8:30pm - 4:30am. Too bad I can't say the same, I seem to be having a bout of insomnia the past 2 nights. (I remember having some issues with insomnia after Caroline was born too - not being able to get to sleep and then when I finally did, it wasn't restful and I couldn't go back to sleep once awoken.) So I'm working on about 4 hours sleep today after only getting about 5 the night before.


Dawn said...

Aww, I just want to squeeze those adorable little cheeks! She's beautiful! And I love the nickname, LOL.

Mama said...

She's so cute! Yummy cheeks. I had the insomnia issues with Gretchen too...when you are in the midst of it it hurts, but then *poof* those days are gone & like a vague memory now.