Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Piper is 2 months old

Well, she was on Sunday. Sorry Pipes, this is 2 days late.

Piper had her 2 month checkup on Monday and she's doing great! She's 11 lbs, 6 oz and 22 1/2 inches long. (Caroline was 11 lbs, 8 oz/24 inches and Bryce was 13lbs,24 inches) Of course, Piper started out over an inch shorter and over a pound lighter than her older siblings, so I'm kind of surprised she's so close to Caroline in her weight. She's in the 50th percent tile for weight and height too! The doctor was happy with everything else and liked seeing her making so much eye contact and cooing. He's also not overly concerned with her eczema. While we'll probably eventually get her tested for food allergies, right now her eczema isn't terrible (not as bad as Bryce's). So we'll just watch it and make that decision when we need to.

Unfortunately a good appointment had to come to an end and Ms. Piper had to get 3 shots. Poor baby - 2 in one leg and 1 in the other. I went ahead and gave her a little Tylenol when we got home and she snoozed in the swing while I played with Bryce. Then when Bryce went up for a nap, I fed her and held her while she slept because she didn't want to be put down. But, when she woke up, all bets were off and she screamed pretty much until after Jason got her to pass out after he got home around 5:30. I had given her another dose of Tylenol at 4pm and put a cold pack on the leg where she had gotten 2 shots because I could see her wince when that leg was touched. Fortunately though, she woke up after a 2 hour nap just before 10pm and was happy as a lark. So many smiles and almost laughs! My baby was back! So while a rough day on her, I was just happy to have my sweet baby back and not in any pain. And thankfully she didn't have any issues today. Only 2 more months until the next round...


Anonymous said...

SO cute!!!!

Mama said...

Clearly you have another cutie on your hands! Look at that smile and all the chubbies!!! Ooooh! In the words of Gretchen, "YUMMYEEE!"