Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Past 48 Hours

Maybe you noticed it's been a while since I updated. Mostly because, I haven't had time. See, on Thursday morning at 7:30am, I was abruptly told by Bryce and Piper's daycare provider (DCP) that she was taking a job that starts THIS coming Monday. Needless to say, I was 100% completely blindsided since we've been using this DCP since January 2005 and had a very good relationship with her. We were very angry, upset, anxious, and frustrated. Anger at the way things played out, betrayed to be treated like that by someone we've always given the utmost respect to, and stressed at the fact that we'd have to be securing daycare again - especially for a very young infant.

Thankfully, right after I got the news, I dropped Caroline off at her preschool/daycare center and talked to the woman who owns it. She was angry to hear my news and about how I was treated sinced she is also a DCP and understands what a blow this was for us. I inquired about being able to enroll Bryce and luckily there is a spot and he can start in early October. Unfortunately she doesn't take kids under 2, so that meant finding somewhere for Piper. But as luck would have it, she knew someone who she feels is amazing and gave me her contact info right away. And by yesterday afternoon I had already met this woman and it looks like we've found someone for Piper. (A VERY solid choice who takes the profession of being a DCP seriously and has been doing it for 30 years - a great number of her kids have been children of local school teachers, something that tells you alot about the confidence people have in her.) Soooo, Bryce will be going to "school" with Caroline but be in the 2/3 class so they won't spend all day together - just open play times. And Miss Piper will go to this new DCP Tues/Thur/Friday with my MIL taking over Mondays and my mom on Wednesdays.

Thursday was a very tough day going through all the emotions but now that we're getting all the details of new daycare worked out, I'm feeling better. Of course, we'll have a lot of things to figure out for next year since Caroline will be going to our local elementary school and we'll have to figure out care for her before and after school. I'd love to be able to possibly work something out with my job to work a reduced schedule (like 9am-3pm) but I'm not sure how feasible it is at this point. But I think I just need to get settled into our new daycare situation first before I stress myself out thinking about that. (That's tough for a natural born planner though.)

So last night, we got the kids in bed and I took a bath. The first bath I've taken since I was pregnant. Laying there in the warm water in the big tub with the windows open was so nice to hear the end of summer sounds and just to relax. Then I went downstairs, sat down on the couch with Jason, had a beer and fell asleep. Whew. I had washed the week away.

Now onto a new weekend that will start a new week. We'll leave all this negative stuff behind us and start anew. I think the kids will do great in the DCP's we have worked out and we'll get into a new routine again which is always where I find my comfort. It will mean changing a few things up, but eventually it will feel like old hat again and that's what I'm looking forward to.

Oh and a big thanks to my mom and MIL for helping me out the next 2 weeks in a pinch with Bryce and Piper's care - and of course for helping out with Piper in the months to come. Although I secretly think they'll enjoy the time with her, just a little tiny bit. :)


Mama said...

OH ERIKA! I am so sorry to hear assured that if Piper's new DCP cares for local teacher's children then she should be top-notch! I'll email you too...

Lisa :) said...

WOW!! Good Luck. :)

BJ said...

So glad to hear that things are settling out for you. I can only imagine the emotions you have been going through. I can totally believe you thoroughly enjoyed that beer. I know I would have!!

Lisa :) said...

Good Luck with your new set up tomorrow :)