Thursday, September 04, 2008

Keeping Ahead of Hanna

Well, it seems our perfect beach week is a little bit marred - or about to be. Apparently, hurricane/tropical storm Hanna (Montana?) is bearing down on the east coast and is set to make landfall sometime in the wee hours of Saturday morning. We've had AMAZING weather all week (can it really be September?) and tomorrow the rain may start early in the day. So I think the plan is to hang around, do some shopping and slowly pack up to leave in the afternoon/evening rather than waiting until check out on Saturday morning and having to possibly pack the car and drive in 60-80 MPH winds.

So while I am so grateful for such a wonderful week, it's always a little sad when the week comes to a close and especially a day shorter. It's hard to believe the crytal blue skies, warm winds, and calm water will all be gone tomorrow. But that's the beach. And a beautiful beach it is.

I got to spend more time on the beach than I expected with just having had a baby 7 weeks ago, but thanks to my IL's and Jason who don't need to bank as many beach hours, I got to spend time with the big kids on the beach and then a few hours a few afternoons with just my parents on our beloved beach. I swear there is something about the beach and ocean that cleans my soul and makes life that much sweeter. I'll never get enough of the ocean air and hearing the breaking of the waves. But now, I enjoy the beach for more reasons as I now love seeing my own kids find their own enjoyment of the place I've been coming for 25 years with my family.

So now we wait and see what tomorrow is like and act accordingly. We did the same thing in 1991 when Hurricane Bob was bearing down on NC, so it's kind of par for the course.

Oh and Piper had her first trip to the beach too. She mostly slept as we kept her under the umbrella since it was so hot. I don't know if she was exactly thrilled, but at least we have a photo.


BJ said...

I so need to get back on our vacation schedule. I miss our trips to a beach and I could use it!!!

jason said...

You can tell I've been working out with the 12oz weights lately.

Viv said...

Wow 25 years! Doesn't just thinking that make you feel old! ;)

Anonymous said...

Our little baby girl's first trip to the OBX! She was such a good baby and so precious!