Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hot & Cold

Holy heck it's HOT today. Hot and HUMID. OMG, for September, this is oppresive! And for such a hot day, we're spending the day inside. See, I would ordinarily fill up the kids' splash pool but since it's still such a pain in the butt to let Bryce go swimming and the kids have colds. Yuck. First colds of the season, I suppose. Caroline started with it the other day and she's finally on the mend today. Bryce is now at the peak of his cold and miserable.

Caroline generally is the worst to deal with when she has a cold as she complains about it constantly, doesn't nap, and barely eats. She's only rested at naptime the past 2 days at preschool and naps at home are fruitless. I was surprised how little she ate over the course of 2 days too but she ate a big breakfast this morning and a good lunch too, so that's how I know it's getting better for her.

Bryce, well, usually he isn't fazed by a cold but this one is rough. He woke up crying 4 times last night and just could not be calmed down. He gets so upset, wants LOTS of "nissues" and will not do anything for himself. His eyes are watering, his nose runs like a faucet and he says his head hurts but he won't take medicine.

So can you believe we still decided to go to the mall today and attempt his 3 year photos??? We knew we needed to get them out of the house this morning after a 6am/6:30am wake up and they were driving us buggy. But miracle of miracles the photos turned out GREAT! He looks so cute with his cast and holding his shark, Max, in all of them. (I'll post them later..) Then we headed over to grab some lunch at the food court and they were ready upon our return.

However, once we got home, things went downhill. Bryce napped for a few 15 minute intervals only to wake up miserable and crying. Now he's laying behind me making miserable congested noises and is crabby. Add that to the fact that I think he's just D.O.N.E. with this cast and has started complaining about the itch. Thursday can't get here fast enough. Plus, Piper and Bryce have checkups tomorrow (2 month and 3 years - gotta take P's 2 month photos!). At least we managed to get through our dental checkups yesterday without a hitch. It was Bryce's first dentist visit and he did great! He got a good giggle out of the spit sucker and made the hygienist laugh. Of course, yesterday he was just starting to get this blasted cold.

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